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...Damn...Blackened was one of my closest friends on here...can't believe he's gone.

I'm sorry for your loss man sucks especially around the holidays.


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Glad to see that rough draft became of something big_smile

nevake wrote:

When you salvage an item, is it 95% like the guide says, or is it 1 less than the stat when it comes to damage on the core?

I have a really low level of weapons fab right now and the few items that I get a 95% chance to make, it always has the predicted core to be 1 less, not 95%.

Wanted some clarification if possible, thanks.

Without a specific example, I'd say that your getting 95% of the original stat and just the way it's rounding it comes out to be 1 less.

What's your ingame name? I'll try to be online and you can PM me, but the item numbers of the items in question here.

As for how things round for plussing, Items will only round a full number when they have a decimal. a 52.8 damage beam (+2 44/40 beam) will deal only 52 damage not 52.8 thus I say it rounds down. however when you plus this item (10% of the base 44/40 is 4.4) you account for the 52.8 and you get a +3 value of 57.2.

Crip wrote:

Cute guide remake harv. ;-)

I gave credit to everyone I copied and pasted tongue

Besides no one had covered in detail the newer stuff

First of all, I can't post new topics in guides forum? that seems stupid to me.


The fabrication system in HSR has Two different completely different formula's for how items are made. There are what most older players know as Alpha Fabs, then there is the main fabbing system that uses conduits salvaging and other good stuff we'll get into. Then on top of that there are 2 systems for improving already created items known as Stoning with a enchantment stone, and +ing which is 2 items combining for a 10% increase.

I'll start with the Conduit system as it is the mainstream way of making items and by far the most powerful.

All conduits have a 10 level range that stretches from level 1 - 151. And right there your saying that's not right the max level in the game is 90.
That's true but the easiest way to explain it is that there are 2 different complexities, The complexity of each attribute and the complexity of the item. And items only range 0 - 90 (this is important for stoning)
You may also say well the max Weapon/System Skill is 99 how can we fab level 151 items?
Well this is accomplished by Quantum stones I'll get into later.

but what you need to know is that

Simple - 1-11 - Academy, Tyv, Scythe
Bundled  - 11-21 Tearix, Kraxis, Inside Tyv and Inside Scythe
Insulated - 21-31 Menkalinin, Thuban, Algedi, Kitalpha
Optic - 31 - 41  Off Enemies that are 31-41 (Too many to name)
Threaded - 41 - 51  Off Enemies that are 41-51 (Too many to name)
Plated - 51-61  Off Enemies that are 51-61 (You get the Idea)
Phased - 61 -71 Off Enemies that are 61-71 (....)
Pulsed - 71-81  Off Enemies that are 71-81 (.)
Resonating - 81 - 91 Smete, Sudasuud, Denebola
Fluctuating - 91-101 Boss Area of Denebola, including Sentinel Prime himself.
Atomic - 101-111 Nashira
Quantumn - 111-121 Sulafat
Flux 121 - 131  Sulafat
Neutrino - 131- 141 Defense Fortress (Nashira Boss), Boss Area of Sulafat
Bradyonic - 141 - 151  Celestial Alacrity.

This link doesn't have some of the newer 60-100 systems added to the Talitha side but, it's got alot of others
gj Rowspan

The Basic Formula for making items is:

Conduit + Mold + Attrib(s) = Item

So for systems that translates into

Conduit (Neutrino) + Mold (Fore) + Attrib (Adamantium - 45sa - 135cpx) + Attrib (Ablative Skin - 70 - 140cplx) + Attrib (Biokinetic Nanites - 9 CR - 139) = Neutrino Plate - 45sa 70hull 9cr - Level 140 - Fore

For systems you can have up to 4 stats on one item however, it becomes unstoneable so most people only add 3.

For Weapons:

Conduit (Neutrino) + Mold (Beam) + Attrib (Molecular Coil - Sometype of delay that lands between 18.5 and 19.4 Dps Ration) + Attrib (Hide - +6 or any other skill) = A Neutrino beam with +6 Hide roughly somewhere in between 18.5 and 19.4 dps

For weapons you can only have 1 weapon skill and the values for that skill range from 1 - 6, And while it doesn't show it. they carry level restrictions.

+1 = level 1 minimum
+2 = Level 20 minimum
+3 = level 40 minimum
+4 = level 60 minimum
+5 = level 80 minimum
+6 = level 100 minimum

I think, Don't quote me on that^

Important Rules:

Items final complexity is based off the highest and highest alone. (if I have a 130 attri and 2 level 1 attri's, the item is level 130 and requires a flux conduit.

Molds are more common in low level areas but are the same everywhere

The method for calculating weapon complexity is:
(Dmg x 100)/Delay - 51 = Weapon Complexity

The Method for Calculating an Attribute Complexity

Value * Complexity rate = Complexity


Salvaging is the newest addition to the fabrication system and naturally, alot of people still don't understand it.

First off, the premise of salving is being able turn Items in to attributes to be turned into items again.

This is Accomplished by this formula:

Item + Corresponding Kit + Salvagers Redemption (For 100pc Salvage Rate otherwise, you only get 95% of the stats returned or less if your skill is low) = all Attributes of the item

For systems:
Item (Neutrino Plate) + Kit ( Veteran Salvage Kit - 140) + Salvagers Redemption = Adamantium - 45sa,  Ablative Skin - 70 hull  Biokinetic Nanites - 9 CR returned into your inventory

It's important to note you will not get Conduits, Molds, or enchantment stones from your items.

For Weapons:

Item (Neutrino Beam) + Kit (Veteran Salvage Kit - 140) + Salvagers Redemption = Molecular Coil (Stats we talked about earlier, +6 Hide.

Still won't get Conduits, Molds, Enchantment stones back.

Important Rules,

Each individual Attribute has a 95% Chance to Fail, Always. You can sometimes only lose one attri, or you might loose the whole thing.

Upper level Salvage kits are found on the second level of starbase, kits level 90 and above are next to the center mass on the left, kits lower are on the right.

Without a Salvagers Redemption Your fab will return 95% of your stats back. You can use this if you find an attribute too high for the conduit you have and salvage it without one to knock it into range.

These fabs get EXPENSIVE.

Level 160 Kits are 3m
Level 150 kits are 2.5m
Level 140 kits are 2m
Level 130 kits are 1.75m
Level 120 kits are 1.5m

Another important note is how +ing intertwines with Salvaging;
For example;

Lets say a make a +3 Brood Laser, which is 52/40.  What's nice about salvaging is that I can salvage that 52/40 laser. Remake it as a 52/40 Conduit Beam (In this case it's level 79 which is a Pulsed Conduit so Pulsed Beam. ) and say I've been farming these awhile and I have enough for 3 more +3 Brood lasers ( Equivalent to a +5 Brood Laser, 60/40) BUT, since I put in the extra cash and salvaged and remade them at +3, I get a +2 Pulsed Beam that comes out to 63/40.  15.75 dps vs 15 dps. Was it worth it, you decide.

Unproven Theory below:

I haven't tested this yet, but I believe if you do /item after doing this ^ fab. It will say Upgrade level 5, which is helpful because there is an offense bonus attached to having higher +ed weaponry.

Again, just a theory.

Theory is Over.

That Covers everything on Conduit Fabs and This leads into probably the most important aspect of all of fabbing right now.

Quantum Stones:

For those who don't know, There are two types

Quantum Catalyst : Reduces required skill by 35% < ? (Not Sure if 35 or 25, one of those though)


Quantum Infusion: Reduces required skill by 50%

Catalyst's drop from the Brood Bosses in Perceus, Hydra, and Cerebus


Infusions drop from Defense Fortress and maybe Celestial Alacrity in Sulafat (Not Sure if CA drops them or not).

How they work;

It's VERY important to grasp that they do NOT lower the item's complexity in anyway.

What they actually do is reduce the skill you need to fabricate with them, Example:

Level 150 Conduit fab,

Conduit + Mold + attrib(s) + Infusion = Only needing a fabricator with 75 weapons or system skill and assuming your fabber is competent your guaranteed a 95% chance.

There are no 100's in this game. Except Stoning.

That being said, don't use these for stoning items unless your is stoning something which has a shown complexity higher than his skill.

Standard Item Fabrication (a.k.a +Ing)

This is pretty simple,

1 + 1 = +1
+1 + +1 = +2
Caps at +9

When going for high ranks just remember

+1 = 2
+2 = 4
+3 = 8
+4 = 16
+5 = 32
+6 = 64
+7 = 128
+8 = 256
+9 = 512

Each + is a 10% increase, based off the value of the item at +0.

So if you happen to stone an item before starting your +es, it will increase more per + but most cases you can get the same result without wasting a bunch of stones so this is only in unique situations.

Important Trick:

Because of the way HS rounds,
+ing an item up to when it "Turns" then salvaging is a good way to get a little more out of your items.
"Turning" is when an item reaches a new power of 10, I.E. in the +3 brood fab, salvaging an item at +3 (52) is more beneficial in the long run because future +es are based off of the 52 value and increase by 5 damage every + instead of 4.

Important Rule:

Only Damage is increased by +ing a weapon

The Stat for Cloak gets lower by +ing.

HS will doesn't round up until you clear a full integer.
44 - 48 - 52 - 57
44 - 48.4 - 52.8 - 57.2


Stoning is also Very simple,

Item + Stone = Stoned Item.

Important Rules:


Skill Required = Complexity shown when clicking on item. Which means you'll only ever need up to 90 skill to stone all items.

I stoned a level 200 item one time, it doesn't matter.

You CAN use a Quantum Stone but why would you?

If you stone first all +es go off the stoned value,

Here's a list of stones courtesy of Silviadreamer:

    Wep Stones:
Ex Ri Kra -4 delay         Xo Ri Kra -6 delay
Ex Um Dro 4 dmg        Xo Um Dro 6 dmg
Qi Yol - Offensive Effect (These give abilities to your weapons that cast randomly)
To Dru - Defensive Effect (These give abilities to your weapons that cast randomly)
    Sys Stones: 
Ex Xru Vo <15 hull                Xo Xru Vo <25 hull(not sure)
Ex Xen Ra 5 sa                      Xo Xen Ra 7 sa
EX Wor Ia 2hr                        Xo Wor Ia 5 hr
Ex Tri Wo 5 haste                 Xo Tri Wo 7 haste
Ex Lin Xa <40 shield            Xo Lin Xa <65 shield
Ex Vog To 5 cr                       Xo Vog To 9 cr
Ex Sar Ti <40 psi                  Xo Sar Ti <60 psi
Ex Dro Xa 2 psir                   Xo Dro Xa 4 psir
Ex Lun Gi 15 off                    Xo Lun Gi 25 off
Ex Qov Hi <18 res                Xo Qov Hi <22 res
Ex Uel Po 4 rech(pr)            Xo Uel Po 6 rech(pr)
Ex Lor Xi <70 pwr                 Xo Lor Xi <70 Power

And here are the Black stone values courtesy of Baphomet:

Vog To     Systems     Adds Crew Regen : +1    10K
Um Dro     Weapons     Increases Weapon Damage : +2     20K
Ri Kra     Weapons     Decreases Weapon Power : -2     20K
Qi Yol     Weapons     Random Offensive Effect     50K
To Dru     Weapons     Random Defensive Effect     50K
Xen Ra     Systems     Adds Armor : +3     10K
Lor Xi     Systems     Adds Power : +50     10K
Tri Wo     Systems     Adds Haste +3     10K
Lin Xa     Systems     Adds Shields : +(15-30)     10K
Rei Zi     Systems     Adds Defense : +(5-10)     10K
Lun Gi     Systems     Adds Offense : +(5-10)     10K
Qov Hi     Systems     Adds Resistance : +(5-10)     10K
Nin Ki     Systems     Adds Sensors : +(5-10)     10K
Sar Ti     Systems     Adds Psi : +(15-30)     10K
Xru Vo     Systems     Adds Hull: +(5-10)     10K
Uel Po     Systems     Adds Power Regen : +2     10K
Wor Ia     Systems     Adds Hull Regen : +1     10K
Dro Xa     Systems     Adds Psi Regen : +1     10K
Vog To     Systems    Adds Crew Regens: +3  10k


These are old recipes based off old systems that still work if you gather all the parts.


Reinforced Plate:

SA: 5 (Aft, Port, SB) 6 (Fore)

Materials: 1x Steel Plate 1x Mold (Mold Corresponds to the side you want SB mold = SB plate your making) 1x Steel 1x Platinum 1x Conduit (Purple kind)

Triendurium Plate:

SA: 9 (Aft, Port, SB) 10 (Fore)

Materials: 1x Reinforced Plate (Sides Must Correspond to what side you want) 1x Tritanium Plate (Sides must correspond to what side you want and what the reinforced is) 1x Mold 1x Gold

Organic Plate:

SA: 12 (Aft, Port, SB) 15 (Fore)

Material: 1x of each side of Polyorganic plates 1x mold (Mold determines side like Reinforced plate)


Durex Shields:

Shields: 150

Materials: 1x Lt. Shield 1x Conduit 1x Capacitor 1x Gold

Zyon Shields:

Shields: 200

Materials: 1x Durex Shield 1x Adv. Conduit 1x Adv. Capacitor 1x Platinum


Piercer Missiles: Skill required 0
Aluminum, Hydro, Titanium
Stats: 6 damage, 30 attack bonus

Seeker missiles: Skill required 6
Stats: 2 damage, 60 attack bonus

Punisher missiles: Skill required 13
Stats: 10 damage, 20 attack bonus


Steelhawk fighters: Skill required 15
Stats: 2 damage, 20 attack bonus


Catalysium: Tech level 15 Munitions
1 Plutonium,1 Ixium,2 Phosium
Stats: Power Regen +5

Other: (I don't think these still work - they were bugged for most of Beta)
Battle Droid MK1
Fore Mold Aft Mold Port Mold SB Mold Small Barrel Simple Conduit Conduit Basic Capacitor Energy Focus

Battle Droid MK2
Fore Mold Aft Mold Port Mold SB Mold Small Barrel Conduit Conduit Capacitor Energy Focus

Battle Droid MK3
Fore Mold Aft Mold Port Mold SB Mold Medium Barrel Adv. Conduit Conduit Adv. Capacitor Energy Focus

Battle Droid MK4
Fore Mold Aft Mold Port Mold SB Mold Large Barrel Adv. Conduit Adv. Conduit Adv. Capacitor Thermal Cage

(Battle Droids May not be ingame anymore who knows)


Other Helpful Fab links:


It's in german but, the chart for how weapons scale could be helpful


Anka was the first fabber to get 99 skill in all tree's.
He knows his stuff.

Baph's Stones

Baph's Systems

Baph's Munitions

Me + Knightscar's guides


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I'll write an accurate one soon.


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Most of this is not current. dont expect anything from doing those conduit fabs


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Here's my vision for fabbing improvements.

1. Remove Quantumn Catalysts, Infusions, and Salvagers Redemptions,
2. Increase the Fab skill cap to 160
3. Increase the rate fab skill is gained
4. Reduce the starting costs but keep the end prices
5. Allow for systems to have 5 slots + a special attribute slot like Quick mentioned.
6. Names become irrelevant, if the stats match up they can be fused together (creates a different result will elaborate)
7. Just Fab kits, Due to the new UI I think it’s moot to have different kits other than to have different prices which would be rescaled anyway

Those being stated here’s the new system I think we should have.

It revolves around how kits work and their uses. Standard shop kits will remain the same as they are now with the exceptions that there is only fab kits and the new scaled prices I’d gladly like to set. Now here’s the new part. ALL bosses would then drop kits that are similar in every way to the shop kits with ONE exception:

They have special attributes that apply to fabbing itself.
Special Attributes would include:
+% stat increase
This means that if it had a special effect that is +20% stat increase the kit would give a bonus of +30% or effectively a +3 from just one +1, which also means if you +30% the same two items you can use a normal +10% between those two or any other type, also if you have a +3 of that item you can FUSE the +1 and the +3 according to #6 which is explained further still)
+% Chance to fab
    New Quantum Catalyst/infusions, except these can push the %chance to over 100 if you have the skill and chance
+% to salvage
    Would take the place of SR’s but is still useable on +ing albeit a waste


Others have attributes that apply to the item itself.
Those special attributes would include:
+% Gear Amp
    Increases all stats on that item by a % without raising the complexity
+% Exp
    Increases Exp by factors of tiers, pretty straight-forward
+% Hull
    These are all pretty simple I’ll just list em off
+% Crit Chance
+% Crit Damage
+% SA
+% Psi
Because you can only have one or the other it becomes a tradeoff. 100% success or 95% or lower for an extra touch of stats. Keep in mind for these to be balanced were looking at a max of 10% per item if that. So it’s not a bad idea to go for extra fab chance.
This would be an entirely new system that allows for items of similar stats to be fused together effectively +ing them but, with one downfall. It ends the item. After an item becomes fused with another the item enters a state of fabricational bind that makes it unsalvable and unplussable.


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Harvious wrote:

Haste has overrun all build strategies, Amplification Gear (scaled same as haste) could generate more diversity.
Salvaging weapon effects could also allow for more diverse character builds
Alien Diversity is very low, Unlock aliens to be able to have any stats (Completely random like a chance to not have SA random), increase Blue and Green drop rates, Add green alien weapons (have casts on them).
Greens that do drop are very far behind level wise from the mobs that drop them.  - Suggested by Replicant and I.
Multistoning: This is touchy but its just an idea. In order to spice up diversity in gear consider allowing multistoning but under restrictions such as you can stone anything higher than 150 cplx. You can stone something past it but you just cant stone a stat thats higher than 150. If i wasn't clear that goes by each individual stat on systems. - Suggested by Replicant.
What if Plates had a chance to cast a defensive effect when hit yikes?


P.S. I really like the +Crit Chance idea.


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While your fixing bugs.
When you die and type something it repeats itself like 3 times.
Not important but there it is


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silviadreamer wrote:

There are two versions of every stone Ex(blue) Xo(yellow)
    Wep Stones:
Ex Ri Kra -4 delay         Xo Ri Kra -6 delay
Ex Um Dro 4 dmg        Xo Um Dro 6 dmg

    Sys Stones: 
Ex Xru Vo 15 hull                  Xo Xru Vo 25 hull(not sure)
Ex Xen Ra 5 sa                      Xo Xen Ra 7 sa
EX Wor Ia 2hr                        Xo Wor Ia 5 hr
Ex Tri Wo 5 haste                 Xo Tri Wo 7 haste
Ex Lin Xa 40 shield               Xo Lin Xa 65 shield
Ex Vog To 5 cr                       Xo Vog To 9 cr
Ex Sar Ti 40 psi                     Xo Sar Ti 60 psi
Ex Dro Xa 2 psir                    Xo Dro Xa 4 psir
Ex Lun Gi 15 off                     Xo Lun Gi 25 off
Ex Qov Hi 18 res                   Xo Qov Hi 22 res
Ex Uel Po 4 rech(pr)             Xo Uel Po 6 rech(pr)

Left out the regular black stones smile

also some of the higher value stones like Sar Ti are variables so like it up to 60 not just 60


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Yes Thanks.


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Skilled weapons = boss drop only or?


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cbradsh1 wrote:

I was trying to think of a way to force players to engage an kill enemies when they are ambushed, as opposed to just running from combat.  Would it be too far-fetched to have a quest slow the engines of the player during ambushes until all spawned enemies are destroyed? (or some other criteria).

The only other way I can think of forcing players to actively defend themselves (rather than run) would be to have those mobs drop an item that they need to complete the quest.

edit:(But this could be problematic for groups completing a quest if someone picks up an item they shouldn't have, or too many of the items, making it impossible for one or more players to complete the quest.


Also, Angus.  What is your current focus for quests? End Game or level progression? 

I was thinking of adding a simple quest chain at each inner system to help the player find leveling paths without having to rely on reading the guide online.  This would also help close the item gaps between systems that seems to plague new players, as I am a level 17 with level 0-9 gear, which makes sense that a level 14 can become "hard" to kill.

is there any way to get a function to return the player's base class?  (just engi, path, pyro, etc, tier doesn't matter).  This would aid in selecting items based on player's class,

You could make killing the mobs a requirement.

I.E. when he goes to turn in quest the requirements are

Escorted NPC safely arrives and 25 / 25 Attackers killed.
Would be up to Angus but it is a possible.

And I like the Class Base Idea. Would open up opportunities for more class specialized items.


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Quiksilver wrote:

I like the 3d client thus far, the hull graphics look too big but theres a lot of time for new graphics.  All in all, I think it's going to be a great change of pace so to speak for the game smile

I don't know what your talking about.. That recon is sexy.. Wonder who made it  tongue

On a serious note- Size is easily changed.  If this we're not so you wouldn't be seeing any of mine lol.

Great work Cisco,Supa,Angus looks great can't wait to play.


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Hunter wrote:

Uploaded the vanguard hull with engine, no engine, engine itself.

Since I have some free time I will try to convert and upload my old files for you.

I usualy try to keep it around 1k or under on the poly count since it gives good detail but is low enough that it shouldnt bog todays systems even with alot of entities running around. btw it has my hull colors on it but I can change it to dull grey if you really need to.

http://www.4shared.com/file/vO3ucj9G/engine.html - engine itself
http://www.4shared.com/file/5v6xy6D2/Va … gine_.html - hull+engine
http://www.4shared.com/file/1gR55vMU/Va … gine_.html - hull itself

I already made the Frigate hull which is the same as the vanguard.


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Not broken perhaps but It's certainly not fair.


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Uploaded my store thing
Shop1 - https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7DCnN … FBwTjZxd0U

The one Supa's been waiting for
Dreadnaught - https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7DCnN … 1ZSNFR6NWc


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3 questions.

A. So the only way out of the bb room is via hyperspace/death?

B. does the Gather group timer affect hyperspace

C. Did you fix BB's sitting on the entrance of the BB room?


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Glad to see someone try to attempt the shard. I didn't even dare try to make it

Edit: Moth also if your modeling ships here's a Core i made most ships are based off this part.
Lemme know what you use to model and I'll try to get you that file type. if not I'll send it as FBX.

Ships I've done: Granted some are bad so you should take a look
https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B7DCn … RNRnc/edit


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If you plan on removing the exit from BB rooms, Please PLEASE stop the BB from camping on the entrance, Can't tell you how mad i get to barely make it into the room just to get popped by the BB sitting on the portal.


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Your gonna have to change that "Welcome" message soon.
Looks nice


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I have readied my current models into FBX format and will be available online by the end of today so you can test their usability. If it turns out they are too small or too large. Let me know and I can resize them.

https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7DCnN … k8zUndPaTg
https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7DCnN … jg4NFkzZ00
https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7DCnN … nZpWEpJSUk
https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7DCnN … 0c1elU0bHc
https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7DCnN … HA3ZUpvTGM
Not all of them but I am having issues transferring them off my other computer -,-

EDIT: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7DCnN … FhtTW44TVU
https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7DCnN … VlhVFdBa1U
https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7DCnN … m9Pb25qV28
https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7DCnN … jlFRHZyMFU
https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7DCnN … WhzcEcyWG8
https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7DCnN … HpuRndCOWs

The others that i have finished


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News: A new Alloy has been discovered on Okda Prime
News: The alloy is known to add up to 30 Ship Armor to a system.

Mining Quest, Basically you mine the planet and get the System attribute


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Lazy_666 wrote:

Somewhere in the galaxy, a planet is selling 1 Um Dro... big_smile

News: An auction for a Dire Brood Launcher is being held on carthage