Topic: Client 741 - 791 changes

Map now available in underground.
Slightly optimized map window.
Added cross to show ship position on map.
Map should now scale better with different window sizes.
Client now supports TLS over OpenSSL.
Client test environments are now configurable (Makes debugging easier).
Add crew percentile to scan readout of selected ships.
Made crew and hull readouts easier to read.
Audio settings will now apply in realtime.
Improved audio settings by having instant audio feedback when changing the volume.
Added ability to turn on full size crash dumps.
Fixed crash that happened when you switch from windowed to fullscreen and vice versa.
Improved GUI reshade mode.
Fixes Crawl ships being misplaced.
Added support for MPEG Audio layers (mp1, mp2, mp3) which can now be used for music playback.
Added support for localized string encoding (Locale).
Recoded psi window in new GUI.
Fixed status window not showing tier 0 after logging in.
New GUI is now fully configurable (colors, reshade, font, other settings).
Fixed colorization bugs on some windows in new GUI engine that appeared after adding custom colorization support.
About window and report command will now show further information about client dependency libraries.
Fixed a bug where some images in new GUI were just black.
Added high quality blip and sonar sound for the radar (selfmade by Cisco).
A lot of things that will become released later have been added (account system & new map/tile engine).
A lot of minor bug fixes, improvements and optimizations.

Amethyst        T0    Pyr     30
Cisco                T4    Sco    90
Delphi              T1    Eng    21
Neuropath      T0    Tel     10