Before explaining anything else, it needs to be iterated that we do everything regarding this project in our own time and pay for the servers out of our own pocket so if something isn't working, please don't flame us too badly.

If you're unfamiliar with what this site is about or supporting, hopefully I can explain here. An MMO named HostileSpace shut down last year following a declining player base, after running for a number of years since mid-2001. A number of people quit for numerous reasons, but in the end there was something about the unique game style that everyone seemed to like, despite the outdated appearance.

Following the shut-down, I was offering an old version of the server out to people when Supanova came into contact with me (Angus) about successfully modifying some key features of the server (maximum player level, maximum connections) which had been restricting the server's usability. Following this, we began co-ordinating an attempt to get a server going again and try to re-unite all the older players who had quit/left for whatever reason.

A few weeks later, and we had two dedicated servers up and running providing a public server to people who want to play the game again. Bugs are constantly being fixed, extra galaxies added and new players joining on a daily basis. Of course, we are working with closed-source binaries so at times progress can be slow, but as we are becoming more familiar with the inner workings of the server and client, it is becoming easier.

We're still working on contacting old players, and are asking if anyone knows of any, point them in our direction. It'll be great to have the old community back! We currently have around 400 active players and although the increase in signups has slowed down, we still have new characters created daily.

Since we want to create the best experience possible, we want YOUR help. If you can remember something from the old game that we've missed, or you have an idea for an improvement or bugfix, give us a shout and we'll see what we can do!