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1. Simple Systems Kit – Plate Mold – Conduit
2. Simple Systems Kit – Plate Mold (of desired side) - Conduit

Simple Conduit – Mesonium Casing > Neophyte Protector
Fore-   sa3 cpx6
Aft –    sa2 cpx6
Port – sa2 cpx6
Sb –    sa2 cpx6

Bundled Conduit – Regenerative Delnesh > Adaptive Duress
Fore – sa5 cpx12
Aft –   sa4 cpx12
Port – sa4 cpx12
Sb –    sa4 cpx12

Insulated Conduit – Fragmatic Furnace > Vehement Ageis
Fore – sa7 cpx 18
Aft –   sa6 cpx 18
Port-   sa6 cpx18
Sb –    sa6 cpx18

1. Moderate Systems Kit – Plate Mold – Conduit
2. Moderate Systems Kit – Plate Mold (of desired side) - Conduit

Optic Conduit – Energized Conduit > Scintellic Veil
Fore – sa9 cpx24
Aft –    sa8 cpx24
Port – sa8 cpx24
Sb –   sa8 cpx24

Threaded Conduit – Toxic Sludge > Acidic Forge
Fore – sa11 cpx30
Aft –    sa10 cpx30
Port – sa10 cpx30
Sb –    sa10 cpx30

1. Advanced System Kit - Plate Mold - Conduit
2. Advanced System Kit - Plate Mold - Conduit - Fabbed Part

Plate Conduit - Subzero Plating > Frostbite Retaliation
Fore - sa13 cpx36
Aft -   sa12 cpx36
Port - sa12 cpx36
SB -    sa12 cpx36

Silicon Conduit - Organic Anitmatter > Evolutionary Force
Fore- Sa15 cpx42
Aft -   sa14 cpx42
Port - sa14 cpx42
Sb -    sa14 cpx42

Conduit Used    Item Tech Level    Sys Tech Level
Simple                    5                            10
Bundled                  15                            20
Insulated                    25                            30
Optic                    35                            40
Threaded                    45                            20
Plated                    55                            60
Silicon                    65                            70
Phased                    75                            80
Pulsing                    85                            90


Armor (Plates):
Reinforced Plate: tech level 20
Steel Plate,Conduit,Platinum,Steel,Mold (of desired side)
Stats: sa5

TriEndurium Plate: Tech level 30
Tritanium Plate,Reinforced Plate,Gold,Mold(of side desired)
Stats: sa9

Organic plate: tech level 50
Fore,aft,starboard,port polyorganic plate,1 Mold (of desired side)
Stats: 15 armour on a fore, 12 on the rest. 2 healing, 2 hull regen, 2-3 recharge

Durex shields: Tech level 15
Light shield,Gold,Conduit,Capacitor
Stats: 150 shields

Zyon shields: Tech level 30
Durex shield,Platinum,Adv capacitor,Adv conduit
Stats: 200 shields

Fabrication Box:    Location:    End Fabrication Result:
Fore Mold             Tearix    Fore Plate
Aft Mold                    Kraxis    Aft Plate
Sb Mold                    Izar           Starboard Plate
Port Mold                   Alioth     Port Plate
                Location              Kit Required
Simple    Scythe              Simple
Bundled    Tearix              Simple
Insulated    Algedi              Medium
Optic    Menkalinan      Medium
Threaded    Unukalhai              Advanced
Plated    Dark/Huge/Large Asteroid System    Advanced
Silicon    Nidelix    Expert
Phased    Izar/Alioth System    Expert
Pulsing    Izar/Alioth Bases    Expert

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Dude, last part is a mess...

Now we wait for the molds smile

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Re: System fab guide

Lazy_666 wrote:

Dude, last part is a mess...

Now we wait for the molds smile

Not to mention most of the recipes listed above are actually in the game.

Re: System fab guide

It's good to see these on here, however I'm assuming it will take quite a lot to implement the seperate weapons / sys / munitions skills and associate them with the fab lists.

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This is a very informative post for the all visitor . i realy like that. But i want more information about this post topic . good job.keep it up .

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I don't understand what I'm reading. Am I using an upgrade kit? Or is this systems kit something totally different >_>

Ex: Shield mold>trainee upgrade kit>Simple conduit thingy = nothing.

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Most of this is not current. dont expect anything from doing those conduit fabs

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Re: System fab guide

I'll write an accurate one soon.

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