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Hostile Space Revived

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[DISCORDLOGO] [TS3LOGO] In order to play the game, no registration is required. All you need to do is downloading the game!
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Hull animation


This documentation is under construction, ask Thundera or cisco211 for more details!


What can be modded?

Basically you can modify all graphics, music, shaders and sounds. We also allow more than one file format, shown below:

  • Graphics (png, bmp)
  • Music (flac, ogg, wav)
  • Shader (frag, geom, vert)
  • Sound (ogg, wav)

The ordering of file extensions also decide the loading priority, this means if you have a png and bmp file with same name, it will always load the png.

What is the purpose of modding?

Simple, lets say you have your own ship skin and you dont want to loose it after every new patch. The idea is to no longer let you change the original files from client, to have a better oversight of modificated files and to allow per user modifications. It also helps us developers to work more indipendent on server and client, because the client could f.e. already have graphics patched that server still not uses.


When modding is enabled, the client will always try to find and use a modificated file before using the original file. This also works indipendent from the file extensions.

Where do i place my mods?

There is a folder called "Mods" and the location is depending on how you have the game installed. When you used the installer and your game is installed inside "C:\Programs...", then it would be inside "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\InterAdventure Inc\HostileSpace Revived". Outside of "C:\Programs..." it would be in the same folder where "HSRClient.exe" is located at. You can also just use the chat command "/modding open", to open that folder.


To add a modificated file, simply place it into the right folder with same name used by client, then the game would try to load this one first. It also does not matter when the original were a file with png extension, the game always tries to find and load the modificated file first, as long it has one of the allowed extensions.

Why are my mods not in use by client?

First figure out that you placed your files to the right location, by typing "/modding open". When typing that command the modding folder structure should be created when not present. It's also possible, that you simply turned off modding. Using "/modding on" and then restarting the game would fix this.

Why do i see magenta colored areas in the game?

In this case one of the graphics files failed to load. The client then just tries as best it can to use magenta placeholder images instead. This also helps us to much faster figure out what graphics are missed. If that happens without any mods, please report this!

Why does my client crash when using a mod?

This can f.e. happen, when the width and or the height of an graphic file has changed through a patch and your modificated file still uses old sizes. When this happens, all you can do is to remove or update your modificated file.


For what are the reports?

They are used to control and organize the feedback about the game comming from community.

How do i create ingame reports?

Simply type "/report" ingame and follow the instructions.

Full syntax is: "/report type text"


Look here to learn more about ingame reports: README

How do i create reports?

Simply create a new forum topic in Outgame reports forum.

Try to avoid duplicates, you can also answer to topics that already exist for your report.

We also suggest to make use of ingame reports as most as possible, because ingame reports can also share debugging details.

Which report types exist for ingame reports?

  • bug - Used when reporting a classic bug, like crashes or unwanted behaviors.
  • cheat - Used to report a player that cheats using third party software or by exploiting a bug.
  • feature - Used to request a new feature for the game.
  • improvement - Used to request an improvement on an existing feature.
  • multilog - Used to report a player that does multi logging for more than just transfering items between characters.
  • rules - Used to report a player acting against the rules.
  • scam - Used to report a player that has stolen a character login, has stolen items from a character or is trying to do that.
  • spam - Used to report a player that does spam the chat.
  • task - Used to report a generic task that must been done by any of the HSR team members.