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Honestly, it'd be better off imho, in a datalog, kinda like what the FF Series did at one point. I'll update again when i'm feeling more inspired.


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Part 6: The Oracle of Despair, and Space Anomalies

Upon leaving the Crypt, an Envoy from the Okda system was waiting for the assault team. This envoy spoke for a seer named The Oracle of Despair. The Oracle offered information, but it came at a price. In order to receive this information, the Federation must be deemed worthy by the Oracle. Only, to be deemed worthy came at a steep price. After regearing and rearming, the Federation agreed to the terms of the Oracle. These terms were simple. Release the Oracle from her eon long imprisonment so a new Oracle could take her place, and she would offer a glimpse into the future. After the Federation pilots freed the Oracle, with her dying breaths she made this proclamation. "There will be peace, but it will not last. War is coming, and during this war, the greatest threats the galaxy has ever known will be revealed at last. Excited about the prospects of peace, Blitz and Loki ignored the warnings of war, and set forward the events that almost lead to the destruction of the Federation. However, after returning to Cythris prime, scanners detected several new anomalies...

Outside the starbase, Federation forces found themselves outnumbered by hundreds of thousands of Amoebas, just like Luxoriant Ro and Histoloth. As they battled them off, they encountered the "brain" of the Amoebas. A massive Amoeba, so large it had a gravitational pull. Ship captains mounted assault after assault upon the amoeba. Soon after it had fled the Starbase AI named it Glerthmobix. Unfortunately the Federation had no time to rest, as another anomaly had made it past the defensive perimeter. This new threat, was a Shard Fragment. A piece of the Sorrow Avatar, and it was known as XssX. It was learned that constantly destroying the Sorrow Avatar, was creating Shard Fragments, which ranged in power, but lost and seperate from their core, they'd wander the depths of the Andromeda galaxy. Both Shards and Amoebas posed yet another new threat to the Federation, but an even greater problem arose one that would shake the ideals of the Federation to its very core....


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More lore to come today or tomorrow


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Part 5: The Exiled One.

Upon the first defeat of the Brood Goddesses, they each dropped a weird fragmented material. The Escharians and Tekorus spent weeks over the materials. It was a Gi'Pok who suggested that the materials be put together. The fragments, formed a map, and the Tyv identified the location. They told of a legend of their once gods and godesses.
The Brood were once 6. Axminoloth, Uloriant, Zorxanth, Zyr, Vile, and Sentinel. Sentinel learned of the possibility of an unspeakable new power, and left Andromeda to seek it. Zyr and Vile, who were twin brothers, tried to command the armies of Brood in conquest. As their power grew they once conquered the known galaxy. Axminoloth, Uloriant, and Zorxanth, however feared the brothers, and in a clever ploy. Trapped Zyr in the ancient temple. The name of this temple has been lost to history, and is simply known now as the Crypt of the Exiled. Vile, furious with the goddesses' betrayal, fled the galaxy, claiming to return to free his brother. It was to this Crypt of the Exiled that the map led. Inside Zyr had used his divine powers to create two mistresses, who served as his personal vanguard, as well as his consorts. The offspring of Zyr and these mistresses were known as Brekkar. However the Brekkar also served another purpose, one that Zyr found to be to his liking.

In the depth of the crypts were two amoebic life forms that were once part of the same cell. They would consume any Brekkar that dared venture near them. Histolioth and Luxoriant Ro eventually consumed enough Brekkar to become sentient. When Zyr himself investigated the disappearances of his offspring he met these amoebas and made a bargain with them, serve and protect him, and they could have all the Brekkar they could stand to eat.
The Federation learned of the events inside the Crypt thanks to the Tyv, and prepared a force to explore it. Lead once again by Blitz and Loki, they mounted an assault on the Crypt. Inside they found primitive but powerful technologies created by Zyr and the Brekkar, and the very skin of Zyr himself was noted to be resistant to damage and had restorative properties. On that day Zyr, his mistresses, his offspring, Histolioth, and Luxoriant Ro were slain... or so the galaxy thought. Zyr, was a god after all. Unlike his siblings though, he could remanifest after a period of time. Histolioth and Luxoriant Ro, would always split a cell from their bodies to regrow, and so a cycle of death and rebirth took place often inside the Crypt as the Federation made constant excursions to it. However their attentions were drawn elsewhere in the galaxy. Namely the Okda System, where a seer requested an audience...


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NOTE! Parts of this lore (from part 4 onward) are credited to Hostile and Harv who's rough draft I'm expanding on and integrating into the Lore Project.

Part 4: The Vakri, Unknown Ruins, Sorrow Temple, Brood Scouts, and Spider Gods
The Federation had grown, and discovered a unique race, called Vakri. Unlike anything they had seen before. Experienced warriors, the Vakri took over two Federation planets. Vakri weaponry was unique and prized for a time. Their commanders, Vakri Vex, and Vakri Rex were demigods of unparalleled skill. Only able to be beaten back temporarily, they soon became tests of skill for Federation Pilots.

Among the systems, were balls of fire with debris around them. The cause of these ruins were unknown to all of the races of the Federation. Exploration was not encouraged, as the ships inside the system would attack any Federation ship on sight. Protectors, bound to keep the cause of these mysterious ruins secret, would attack Federation ships for even nearing them. The most dangerous of these were the Ithanki, only the bravest dared venture into these ruins alone.
Even with leaps and bounds of science, the Galaxy was not without religion... Far off in the Sirrah Sector of the galaxy, was a planet home to all the dead, and darkness of the galaxy. Known as the Temple of Sorrow. Those who ventured into the temple, were faced with worshipers named after aspects of Sorrow. The Sorrows of Andromeda gathered into a crystal, known as the Sorrow Avatar. Destroying this crystal would ease the hearts of those slain. It was discovered that fragments of these crystals were able to be used as weapons. Named Sorrow, for the fragments they came from, they were powerful weapons. Sorrow crystals could be refined but only one weapon type, a beam, could be used by Federation ships. These weapons, were named Dread Lasers.

One day, the long range scanners at the Medusa, Talitha, and Sirrah Outposts detected an anomaly in deep space. Two heroes of the Federation, named Blitz and Loki, mobilized small forces to explore these locations. Three systems, known as Hydra, Cerebus, and Perceus were the sources of these anomalies. The sheer size of forces in these systems were immediate cause for alarm. Blitz and Loki raised the entire Federation, and under their leadership, these innumerable forces around Hydra, Cerebus, and Perceus were driven back to the confines of the system. The Tyv made it known, these were the shrines of the former gods of both the Tyv and the Scythe. Collectively, they were known as The Brood.

Unlike any foe before, The Brood were a trio of powerful spider godesses. They used their power to enslave a third line of Kalarix, known as X'Styl. Their slavery however turned to worship. X'Styl served as guards, miners, and as the personal guard of the godesses. Federation fleets mounted assault after assault upon the temple planets. They learned Brood Weaponry, was both powerful, and could actually increase both Psionic powers, and the effective maneuvers of Federation pilots. Brood Weapons became prized for these attributes, and the assaults increased.

The Spider Goddesses feared for their safety, and sealed themselves into their egg chambers, where they mass produced X'Styl slaves. The keys to these chambers were guarded by an elite group known to the Federation as the Praetorian Guard. Praetorian or Praes held the keys to breaking the seal to the egg chambers. One by one Axminoloth, Uloriant, and Zorxanth fell to the Federation, the technology they dropped was far beyond that of anything the Federation had seen. Unfortunately The Brood Goddesses, could not truly die, and X'Styl Workers would select one of their own, to become the vessels for Axminoloth, Uloriant, and Zorxanth. These goddesses held a dark key, sealing away a great power...


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Part 3:  The Federation of Planets

Almost a hundred years had past from humankind's arrival to the Andromeda galaxy, to their first encounter with the Brood. In that time they had charted many planets, and created an alliance with five other races. This Alliance became known as the Federation.

The first race they had met, were the Eschar. Escharians, much to humanity's surpise, were once human, however they had evolved past even what the refugees had done with their psionics, and had become able to directly manipulate energy itself, to the point it acted as a sixth sense, as they were always tied into it.

The hardy Gi'Pok were next. Known throughout the galaxy as the most resilient of races. Immune to elements, and having regenerative properties, their rock covered humanoid body was perhaps the most interesting thing about them. They were some of the best warriors, and their crews served on the front lines of the federation by choice.

The Eschar and Gi'Pok revealed the true name of the Scythe and Tyv to the young humans. They were two different lines of the Kalarix, bi-pedal insects and arachnids. Kalarix had the distinction of having near impervious carapaces, as well as being blindingly fast. Traits that humans knew well. What was once a tenuous treaty became a strong friendship and a symbiotic relationship between humankind and the Kalarix.

Rumors of a race of robots reached the Federation's ears, and they searched far and wide until they found these robots. Tekorus as they called themselves, were completely machine, and completely sentient. A Gi'Pok warrior questioned the durabilty of the Tekorus, to which one Tekorus simply tore its arms off. As if by magic, the arms disassembled themselves and reformed in their proper place, not a piece out of order, and back at their full function. Because of their durability and the fact they could operate things much faster than any other race, they often served as ship engineers, and dock workers.

The legend Federation's power reached a feline race. Drawn to the possiblity of trade, and combat, the Terrix approached the Federation, asking to join the illustrious alliance. They taught the alliance the benefits of hitting in precise locations, as well as combat tactics. However, the Terrix had a much darker side...


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Lore Part 2: The first enemies, and the first allies

These other planets turned out to be the home worlds of the scorpions and spiders. Cythris Prime was actually the sacred breeding grounds for these creatures. As they grew older they became smaller and more humanoid Enraged that their young had been slain, they mounted an assault on humankind. While their ships were primative, the weapons were signifigantly more powerful than what the humans had. Humanity was about to learn, that their new portion of space, was quite hostile.

The spiders became know as the Tyv, and the scorpions were known as the Scythe, after their scythe like tails. Outgunned and outmatched, humankind used their greatest weapon of all. Humans had discovered the gift of psionics, specifically those of kinesis, and telepathy. The crews of the human fleet confused and numbed the minds of both Tyv and Scythe. They burned ships, and removed armor of their newfound enemies.

This war raged on for about 30 years, until The lords of Scythe and Tyv had agreed to meet with human kind. A tenuous treaty was formed between humankind, the Scythe, and the Tyv. The humans were given Cythris Prime under the condition that both the Scythe and Tyv could continue to use it as a breeding ground, and the humans could combat the young Scythe and Tyv to weed out the weak ones. The other condition of the treaty was that both Scythe and Tyv would provide combat training for the young human ship pilots. The final part of the treaty was that all three races would share resources with eachother.

The Tyv also warned humankind of their gods. Four great spiders that could never die...


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Lore part 1: Human kind arrives.

Several hundred years ago, a fleet of 30 ships dropped out of warp into a small system in the Andromeda Galaxy. The cargo, humans fleeing from the destruction of Earth. Their target was a planet named Cythris Prime, which scientists had deemed was suitible for human life. Upon landing, the refugees found that their new home, while habitable, was far from hospitable. The entire planet was covered with giant scorpions and spiders, each was easily the same size as the ships they were on. They fought back these monsters and found that they were edible, and didn't taste horrid. The humans constructed a small area to live in, and made walls out of the shells of the scorpions and spiders.

It became clear however, that even with a stable supply of food that other resources, namely fuel for their ships, munitions for their launchers and drone bays, as well as power sources were scarce on Cythris Prime. Three planets were visible in the night sky, and after much debate, an expedition was sent to each. The first expedition found the planet now known as Kertage to be impossible to live on, however it was ripe with many of the resources to create munitions, as well as more spaceships. The other planets however, held life.


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Reserved for future use. Tl;Dr version. I'll post possible lore stuff here. and the occasional quest
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Maybe, much much much later on we can make an update that provides a POV immersion for show... if i could get the hang of it i'd even help out with what i can.


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Harvious wrote:
GIZangetsu wrote:

Can we add missiles and fuel to planets? it's quite taxing and unefficent for leveling if you have to go back to sb for fuel and missiles when out. i mean even TX missiles and plut would work for me.

Your telling me you cant stand the two minutes to hyperspace to SB grab missiles and Return?
Plenty of fuel drops?

Note that until lvl 63 power classes do not have return. so it makes it more efficent if a planet carries at least missiles and fighters. it makes it that much easier for us to go out and level


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Martyr wrote:

Gizangetsu, its only logical to have to go back to base to refuel, aliens wont sell you missiles to kill them with tongue

yet they'll buy the crap you got off of their fallen comrades ships? there are NON hostile systems