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The ingame map editor is a bit old,'s not nice to use.

I've written a small program  to enable the use of Tiled with a specific tileset for making maps for the host - much nicer, don't need to be connected to server to use smile

It can be downloaded from …
In short, drag the .tmx file from tiled onto the HSRTiledConverter and it'll pump out something we can use.

The README.txt explains the specifics re: what layers to put stuff on etc, should all be explained, it also includes a testmap.tmx which is an example HSR map.

Any issues, report back here big_smile

Note: If you get missing DLL errors, make sure to install the 'Microsoft C++ 2010 Redist'.

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OK, this is a great idea. I love 99% of this idea.... BUT tongue

Why are we converting the files instead of just sending them as .TMX files? they are smaller, and you'd be able to review the files in TILED format as easy or maybe easier than the converted text files? Although one issue is people store the .PNG files in different locations so may be hard to do it that way... (I can't load the testmap.tmx file as it looks for the all_tiles.png file in your user account in your dropbox folder tongue

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I've not got this 100% straight in my head yet, here is my 1st attempt … laying.txt

I've not got the hang of adding zones so if you could add the bits at the following

Entrance 105 : 29
Exit 15:11

and just make the mobs progressively harder, putting a mini boss in the small nebulae and a boss in the big nebulae please tongue

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Well that's embarrassing - I updated the testmap.tmx with the local png tileset but apparently upload an old version tongue

You're spot on regarding the uploading the tmx files...yeh. Better idea to upload the tmx files. I'll edit the main post and the readme.txt, remove the converter from the zip.

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OK, so this is the TMX. Got the hang of the layers a bit on this I think … laying.tmx

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Downloaded Tiled, but don't have the HS Tileset i need. whut do?
Never mind, figured it out

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