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Well that's embarrassing - I updated the testmap.tmx with the local png tileset but apparently upload an old version tongue

You're spot on regarding the uploading the tmx files...yeh. Better idea to upload the tmx files. I'll edit the main post and the readme.txt, remove the converter from the zip.


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The ingame map editor is a bit old, clunky...it's not nice to use.

I've written a small program  to enable the use of Tiled http://www.mapeditor.org/ with a specific tileset for making maps for the host - much nicer, don't need to be connected to server to use smile

It can be downloaded from http://hostilespace.co.uk/Download/HSRT … verter.zip
In short, drag the .tmx file from tiled onto the HSRTiledConverter and it'll pump out something we can use.

The README.txt explains the specifics re: what layers to put stuff on etc, should all be explained, it also includes a testmap.tmx which is an example HSR map.

Any issues, report back here big_smile

Note: If you get missing DLL errors, make sure to install the 'Microsoft C++ 2010 Redist'.


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The lua docs have been updated, some bits have changed slightly.
New functions include:
item(id) to replace the silly ID_OFFSET thing that was required before.

The Gerenium Quest has also been updated in the documentation to match the live test server.

I'm still working on getting the base class of a player.


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I definitely can add a spawn_mob function, hadn't thought of that one. I'll post back once it's available.

Daily style and supply/demand style quests were in my mind too, I'm still thinking of the best way to implement these into the host and lua.

It's good to see someone giving it a shot, look forward to hearing how you get on.


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The documentation has been updated and now includes a complete example (gerenium) which will be going live on the test server either later tonight or tomorrow.


The readme isn't quite finished yet but it's in a state for the public to read smile


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Decided I'd do proper documentation rather than playing around with googledocs.


I'm working on updating the example with a working Gerenium quest as I type this. All functionality in the documentation is currently working 100%.


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There is a list on the google doc I posted which I am slowly updating. I had another busy week or two but have free time again. Either way, so far here are the functions. I'm updating the google doc with a more in-depth explanation slowly, focusing more on the code side. Again, these are more player centric. I need to come up with a few more bits and pieces for global quests. The system is quite flexible, it should be possible to create single-player or even group quests.

add_talk_to_mob(mobid, triggerword, message)
add_talk_to_mob_callback(mobid, triggerword, message, functionname)
save_param(param, value)


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I did look into callbacks, that's what is taking the time, trying to get it working. What I may have to do is finish my updates without callbacks, then look at implementing those in the next update.


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I originally only thought of single player oriented quests, however I'm updating the system to handle group and world quests such as some of the suggestions.

It's coming along, expect something soon.


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Testing scripts...I hadn't thought that through. I'll get back to you


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While Supa and Cisco have been pushing forward with the new client, I've been sorting quests. The old quest system sucked and was a pain, I've been working on making a much much much (x3 "much"s eh?) more flexible system.

I've been working on allowing the host to use lua scripts for quests. This means that quests will be able to be quite a lot more advanced, allowing things such as time limits, multiple stages, all persistent across reboots.

We don't have as much time as we'd like, so we're wondering if the community can come up with quest ideas or even put together scripts for it. You guys are screaming for content, this is a way I hope we can get it to you smile

I've put together a draft document detailing the lua functions, and also an example zip file showing a very basic version of the gerenium quest (Fes Rebels did have a use once tongue).

If you do get around to putting together a quest script, or if you're reading the document and think "Hey, I think I a function to do  X" then ask, I can add functionality, nothing is set in stone. If something isn't explained, ask, I will update the document.

So basically, we're looking for elaborate ideas, or if you feel up to it (or trying) an actual script.



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We've put up R219 on the test server before going live on the main server because it includes a large overhaul of the network functions and we want to make sure everything still works.

Basically, we just want to know everything's still working, it doesn't need absolutely vigorous testing.

NOTE: The test server current has a copy of the live server database from 25/09 @ 23.00 GMT+1.

NOTE: Changes made on the test server will not be saved in a few days when we take it down .

Changes include:-

  • Added a Help channel for Ciscos help system. Can be toggled on/off like other channels with typed commands, also has a new colour. Use with /h.

  • Added a /em command

  • Added a /bonk command

  • Massive overhaul of network functions. Doesn't mean much to you guys as the clients, but it's a massive update and the reason for the test server. It's made the code much more manageable our end.

  • Other backend changes involving file and directory access

  • Removal of old debug code



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Supa, you got mail, youll probably check this before your mail so thought id post here. Can call me 9pm gmt if still issues, eill make sure im available.


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Baphomet wrote:

Is there a way to work on the tiles to make them more properly blend together

Yes, the funny per-tile shading is a result of generating map meshes on the fly from what the server sends, we're working to get it fixed. We're aiming for a look much more similar to the current client (image below is the current development, ignore the white lines and the crappy cursor and the off-centre light). It might be that we ditch the perspective camera and stick it into orthogonal mode depending on how we get on.

iGod wrote:

Maybe make it so you can play either way if possible... like a mode selection in the launcher its self??? or would it be to hard to put both styles on the same client and run smoothly?

We are developing it in such a way the server won't require any (or very minimal) modification, meaning we'll be able to have both clients compatible with the server at least at the beginning.

Because we have no source code for the interadventure client it means that adding new features is very difficult. It will probably be at that point that the IA client will become insufficient (people mentioning paginated massive lockers, user-manipulatable shop etc) since there is no way, realistically, that we can add these to the IA client.

EDIT: This got me thinking about adding in an optional orthogonal mode, looks much closer to original client. It'll probably be a configurable option.


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You mean real 3d movement - as in Z movement as well as XY? No, we're trying to emulate the current look and feel of HS in a new 3d environment - you have a top-down view of everything. We'll get it looking good! There's a long list of things left to do, but it's getting there slowly.

About renaming stuff, we want to disconnect ourselves from InterAdventure IP completely - this means renaming anything and replacing EVERYTHING that was originally created by InterAdventure. Whether that means renaming mobs, using similar designs for maps etc, I'm not sure yet - it's something we'll need to clarify.
Harv and Row, liking those names and naming style smile


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Woops tongue


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I took down the server about 20 minutes ago after character creation errors, the automatic backup script hadn't detected the disk was full.

As a result the last 34 hours weren't backed up to disk - The server is running from there.

Sorry for the inconvenience - these things happen. And after we'd hit our longest uptime yet (11 days).

Sorry again. On the plus side, we've made progress with the new client.

P.S. My fault.


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Server is currently down for maintenance. Hosts want to shift us to another node. Should be up by 5.10-5.15 GMT.


EDIT: Server is back up.


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Apparently the locker update wasn't too sound, we're changing how things are run. It's unacceptable to have to rollback twice in 24 hours and a waste of your time. The current workflow is quite messy and it needs ammending.

From now on, we are going to make much better use of the test server, but it will require you guys help out as well.

From now on, updates will ONLY be pushed to the main server weekly and providing enough testing has been done to ensure updates are bug free. If we feel the updates have not been tested enough or there are doubts to it's stability, we will postpone the update until the next week.

Following each updated code revision, the test server will be updated to that revision. A repeating announcement will be made ingame when the test server has been updated with a new code revision. The forum will detail exact changes so that people can test exactly those things.

The test server will be running a copy of the main server save files, so you can choose to test on your own character or create a new one. Changes to the test server save files will not be kept.

We are working on putting together a proper bug/issue tracker so it's easier to see exactly what needs testing and to provide a way to give feedback after testing rather than posting on the forum.


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I haven't been around much for the last week or two, I've been busy catching up with other things. However, I'm back and I bring with me, the locker update!

Players now have access to 5 lockers (200 slots in total).
To access lockers, you can use the commands

"/locker"     The original locker
"/locker1"   1st new locker
"/locker2"   2nd new locker
"/locker3"   3rd new locker
"/locker4"   4th new locker

They have been tested quite thoroughly however things still slip past us. If you find a bug, post or contact us ASAP and we'll fix it.


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The server is fully functional, it's just that list of updates above that aren't in yet.

We'll update again once we fix the memory leak.


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The server was down for about 20 minutes for a critical bug fix, maybe you were trying to login then. If you weren't, make sure you have the latest client. You need the updated client to play, see the announcement. The old client is not compatible with the new server.



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Quite a few people haven't been too happy about the fact we stuck up public testing. Why did we have to do it? Well, beforehand we only had closed binaries, we had no source code. We decided to code our own server from reverse engineering the official one - now we have source code. This naturally introduced many, many bugs. If you want a longer explanation, post and I'll write you one.

The new server's going very well. Over the last week many people have been testing the server, posting bugs so that we could get it up and running as soon as possible. We've managed to fix the vast majority of the major bugs and feel it's the right time to allow the game to continue.

The server has been rolled back to 7th Feb at 9.30pm GMT, anything obtained, any levels gained, basically...anything that happened since that date is now gone. Although "formal" testing is over, we still need to know when you find bugs! If you find a bug, do a /bug blablablabla.

An log of exactly what's been fixed, added etc can be found in the Alpha Bugs Thread however it should be noted that there are some new commands (mostly for clans).

  • /claninvite - Invite a someone to the clan. You must be an officer (any rank higher than LT) to do so.

  • /clanpromote - Leader only - Promote a clan member up by 1 rank

  • /clandemote - Leader only - Demote a clan member down by 1 rank

  • /clanleader - Leader only - Transfer clan leadership to another player (any rank higher than LT)

  • /accept - Accept an invitation to a clan.

  • /decline - Decline an invitation to a clan.

  • /reload - Anyone may use this in the very odd occasion an area map does not download. It will force a re-download.

The following commands no longer exist (and probably a few others I've missed)

  • /clanadd

  • /allowclaninvites

There's probably other stuff I haven't mentioned, but any queries either post or find me or Supa ingame or something.


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Hi, an actively updated thread with updates is at http://hostilespace.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?id=616

It's going very well, just getting to the end of public testing if everything goes to plan, then we'll be up and running again big_smile


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While waiting for the response from Blitz, I decided it would be a good time to start looking at the host again. When we originally started the project, we had two main assets regarding the server, the 2002 binary and an alternate partially compatible server with accompanying code. Originally we wanted to continue where the previous developer had left off but lack of experience in C# and an outdated code base didn't make that too easy so instead, we're going to be using that as a reference where needed.

I decided that it would be a good idea to rewrite the code from scratch since we now have much greater knowledge of how the host actually functions and have assigned names to 55% of all callable routines in the binary meaning it all makes a LOT more sense! As well as this, I've almost worked out all the memory structures used within the host which was quite a major step.

Progress is coming along quite well in between working on the ares client with Supa. It doesn't do anything connection oriented yet, but it can read all the definition and map files etc and loads the lot to memory into the correct structs. Next up is parsing the player database, then it'll be ready to do connections!

Again, no ETA on anything yet but I can assure you, it's on its way!