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925 - 933:
Replaced galaxy map with a new one which allows dragging it around while holding down CTRL or ALT.
Added ability to place a purple marker on map which shows direction arrow on your ship.


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920 - 924:
Fixed client showing incorrect item level.
Players casting time now remains visible when interrupted.
Added a transparent background to all chat on ships.
Chat now added to batcher.
Increased maximum allowed packet size to 512 bytes.
Disabled ASCII intro.


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915 - 919:
Made client compatible to HSRPatcher.
Added new HSRPatcher.
Removed need for libcurl.dll, libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll.


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902 - 905:
Moved "Navigating to" and Latency/FPS readout so they no longer clash.
Fixes ship shadows for Zyr and mistress.
Fixes Zyr and Mistress hull not being displayed in the correct position on ship scan.
Fixed item links when text spans multiple lines.
Text links now use a thinner underline.
Moved brackets on text strip for aesthetics.


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885 - 901:
Show function keys on group member ships when holding down ALT.
Added Hotkey T to toggle between your target and the targets target (most violent person).
Fixed item editor not being able to edit psion casting ID.
Added background to text for stun and disable timers.
Options window will now send /chan when these got changed, no restart required anymore.
Refactored volume control.
Removed volume control of music command to avoid conflicts with options window.
Removed toggles in music command.
Removed /sound command.
Clicking text containing item ID's encased in [ ] will now open up item details window. eg [178346].
While typing text to chat, Shift clicking an item will create an item link for that item.


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Added group invitation window that will appear when you get invited.


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861 - 878:
Gui themes are now defined in Data/GuiColorThemes.ini.
Quick reference automatically shows when a player connects that is below T0 Level 6.
Quick reference is accessible via CTRL+SHIFT+HOME, /quickreference, /quickref, /qr, /controls, from main menu and from quick menu.
Added Quick reference window to teach new/returning players the basics how to play.
Improved ice floor tiles.
Added RGB shader (not in use).
Added Gamma and HSV shader (not in use).
Corrected the stars on some space backgrounds.


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No changelog were made since almost a year, so...

792 - 822: (Changes before 2020)
Optimised door lookup.
Fixed enchant window to show the use of negative values for weapon stones.
Fixed Fabrication windows not showing skill attribute on items.
Removed trash generation.
Calcweapon command updated for use with new stones.
Fixed crawl ships position.
Fixes underground map generation.
Added ability to remember window positions for new GUI;
Added ability to reposition the windows after a screen resize;
Added ability to position multiple, identical windows in a much better way (stair effect);
Added auto focus setting to GuiWindow in new GUI;
Client will now show changelog if it detects that an update recently happened;
Fixed wrong tile being placed if it resides on the top of the tils strip.
Added quick menu.
Improved /fabricate chat command.
Finished quick menu window.
Heavily improved widget and window positioning code for the new GUI.
Added combat state for hull animation.
Added customizable, per-hull positioning for ship drive and exhaust.
Made "exhaust color is using drive color" configurable (allows player to switch back to original coloring)-
Added cast speed, regen speed and regen percentile to status window (tooltip text still missed).
Added temp code to try out more reliable combat state transitioning for hull animation later.
Added missing tooltips to status window.
Added damage mitigation to status window.
Fixed window positioning issues sometimes causing windows reset to center position.
Made ship weapon delay rings configurable.
Moved max texture size console output to logger.
Drives update.
Hulls update.
Hardcore mode button added.

823: (Changes before 2020)
Commit for latest hulls drives and .ini from Fang.
- Hull43 and 44 borders added. This is just consistency. No visual change seen in game and nothing fixed.
- Hull 47 and 48 - new pixel alpha layer added to border of all hull frames, this gives a great blend in game and removes what appeared to be a grey glow around these two hulls.
- Hull 47 ini reworked. Allows for 1/3 random combat animations to create a more unique flow in combat.
- Psi entity fix for 62 tile limit. Makes the combat animation transition smooth
- Turret blending fix to work with SmoothTextures on/alpha channel use
- New combat animations for hull1, 2 and 3
- Fix for visual bug in shield FX touching side of frames
- Zyr/Brood boss hull image centered/aligned in some frames for consistency

824 - 853 (Changes before 2020)
Added newer and better audio engine;
Added test code for a selfmade 32 bit synthesizer.
Added constrainStartup support for hull animation.
Added spatial sound support (3D) to AudioEngine.
Improved AudioEngine.
Fixed positioning for some sounds.
Added click sound to new GUI engine.
Fixes tileset names being sent by host so they match client entries.
Fixes Loss of assets when BSP is not enabled.
Fixes hull1 animation.
Improved near sun effect.
Add underlayer + overlayer rendering in client.
Update LoS to take into account both layers.
Fix collisions not using underlayer solids.
Fix black being transparent in tilesets.
Fix underlayer and overlayer not resetting when changing areas.
Added editor button to item info window.
Added FXAA support (including checkbox in options and chat command).
Added graphics changes that were forgotten to be committed.
Added new hull16 with combat animations.
Removed unused tiles from hull41.
Added 50th hull - Skaarn Battleship - 100mil hull.
Centered pivot points of hull22 and 21, the turrets.
Turrets are also combat ready.
Added colored varients of the starbase for outposts and clan base to use.
Added alpha layer to asteroids. Now correctly blend with environments.
Fixes tiles not correctly showing layers due to previous tile being placed on same location but a different layer.
Repositioned mini map to fit window.
Fixed Radar not showing any walls.
Fixed starbase showing same image for all sides (default, cythris, medusa, sirrah, talitha, orion).
Fixed item selection frame offsets.
Fixed attack target animation offsets.
Added $goto extension, to allow jump by name.
Fixed wrong bigcrawl positioning.
Improved post processing.
Added grayscale shader.
Added starbase rotation.
Added missing files to repository.
Updated installer. (2019-04-29)

854 - 860: (Changes since 2020)
Added pet control menu.
Opening a window that is already open will close the window.
Pet control menu will automatically show if the player can spawn a decoy/droid/entity.
Changed function keys to select group member 1-20 (1-10 = F2-F11 and 11-20 = SHIFT+F2-F11).
Tile update 2020-02-16 from Thundera.
Tile update 2020-02-13 from Thundera.


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Map now available in underground.
Slightly optimized map window.
Added cross to show ship position on map.
Map should now scale better with different window sizes.
Client now supports TLS over OpenSSL.
Client test environments are now configurable (Makes debugging easier).
Add crew percentile to scan readout of selected ships.
Made crew and hull readouts easier to read.
Audio settings will now apply in realtime.
Improved audio settings by having instant audio feedback when changing the volume.
Added ability to turn on full size crash dumps.
Fixed crash that happened when you switch from windowed to fullscreen and vice versa.
Improved GUI reshade mode.
Fixes Crawl ships being misplaced.
Added support for MPEG Audio layers (mp1, mp2, mp3) which can now be used for music playback.
Added support for localized string encoding (Locale).
Recoded psi window in new GUI.
Fixed status window not showing tier 0 after logging in.
New GUI is now fully configurable (colors, reshade, font, other settings).
Fixed colorization bugs on some windows in new GUI engine that appeared after adding custom colorization support.
About window and report command will now show further information about client dependency libraries.
Fixed a bug where some images in new GUI were just black.
Added high quality blip and sonar sound for the radar (selfmade by Cisco).
A lot of things that will become released later have been added (account system & new map/tile engine).
A lot of minor bug fixes, improvements and optimizations.


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Moved tooltip data out from client binary into Data/ folder.
Removed a lot of old code that wrote a lot of these text files that are not in use since years.
The Data/ folder will now be used for content game data like text files.
Fixed a possible crash on configuration system, when the config backup folder contains files that doesnt belong to the backup.
Fixed crash dump creation not working when the client crashes on a very early state.
Added a status window replacement using the new GUI engine.
Fixed a bug where deleting character/bookmark data from configuration did not work completely.
Added ability to register characters on server directly.
Client will now register directly on server, when the selected server is on local machine.
Fixed username input on launcher not accepting character names beginning with lowercase letter.
Fixed a crash on launcher, when a character gets deleted from character list.
The launcher will now add registered characters directly to the character list.
The launcher will now update existing characters that has been registered afterwards.
A lot of fixes and improvements mainly on the new GUI system.


Support added for 3 new item attributes.
Fixed item complexity not using correct function.
Several tweaks to weapon animation.
New shield effect. (Psitek)


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About the item info window...

To use this new window you have 2 ways to open it.

1. Type "/item NUM" to open the window for a given ID (NUM = item id). You can also just use "/i".
2. ALT+Click on an item to open the info window for the clicked item. This basically works EVERYWHERE, including shop window (ALT+Click the item name), Examine window (Including ship hull & drive image), your current ship gear slots and items laying on ground. Simply said everywhere you see an item, you can ALT+Click it. If you found a spot where it doesnt work, just report it and i will fix it smile.


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Added replacements for hull 9 and 13 (Made by Thundera).
Added animated replacement for hull 19 (Made by Jack).
Added replacement for drive 8 (Made by Thundera).
Added buf image changes (Made by Psitek).
Improved floor randomization (Made by Thundera).
Fixed chat text showing behind splash image.
Items can now be ALT+Click'ed, to show an item info window.
Fixed a bug in rendering code that prevented showing images that are larger then the screen itself.
Added a client side replacement for "/item" chat command, to handle the new item info window.
Added a newer and bigger splash image (Made by Psitek).
Added "FloorRandom.ini" to Data folder, that allows us to configure the randomization weights for "rndfloor"'s.
Added a new tile strip called "rndfloor" that allows us to randomly place a variation of floor tiles.
Added 6 "space" tiles for the BSP system (Made by Cisco).
Added an animated replacement for hull 18 (Made by Thundera).
Added item description text support client (Data/ItemDesc.#.tsv).
Added ability to instantiate/destroy GUI widgets/windows at runtime, which f.e. allows us to open the same window more than once.
Fixed possible pointer crash for shader buffers.
Added ability to toggle SFML smoothTextures.
Changed shader assets and shader support checking in a way that its possible to use shaders even when some of them are not working.
Reduced GLSL version required from 1.40 down to 1.10.
Changed post processing shader code to allow shader chains by using special front and back buffers.


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Added replacement for hull21 (Laser Sentry).
Added replacement for hull22 (Missile Sentry).
Fully fixed client crash on intel cpu based systems caused by client logging system.
Improved shaders to work on video card configurations that handle GLSL code more strict.


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Client will now log SFML console output to file.
Moved debug logging for Configurator and nextgen Gui to regular logging system.
Fixed all shaders to work with OpenGL 2.0 or higher.


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Fixed animated hull not updating when the player changes his hull.
Changed default setting for gameplay.damageText to false.
Replaced Hulls/big1.png.
Replaced Hulls/hull1.png.
Replaced Hulls/hull2.png.
Replaced Hulls/hull25.png.
Replaced Hulls/hull35.png (animated).


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Added admin hull to demonstrate hull animation (item 108804).
Added more checks to prevent an invalid login to launcher.
Launcher will now automatically select an registered character when the character is on list.
Added further checks to prevent an invalid login to launcher.


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Added new about window.
Refactored dialog mode name to modal.
Added special hull assets type.
Hulls are now loaded with the new asset type.
Added hull animation support to spin type hulls.
Added hull animation support to paint shop and scanner window.
Updated client icon.
A lot of other fixes, refactoring and improvements.
Fixes asteroid belt not showing correctly when antialiasing switched off.


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Fixed transparency not working with cloaked ships.
Fixed Graphics/Hulls/hull37.png.
Updated Graphics/Tiles/door_strip.png.
Updated Graphics/Tiles/doorwide1_strip.png.
Updated Graphics/Tiles/doorwide2_strip.png.
Updated Graphics/Tiles/grass_strip.png.
Updated Graphics/Tiles/wall_strip.png.
Added simple (not perfect) X button to GuiWindow.
Fixes Disser animation to work over 800x600 resolutions.
Improved lag meter up top to increase precision for our now larger packets than it was first designed for.
New config system is now officially in use.
Updated chat commands to support the new config system.
Updated chat commands to support the new options window.
Finished new options window, the client is no longer using the old options window.
Dialog window now supports timeout timer.
List box widget will now automatically scroll to their selection.
Updated Graphics/Hulls/big1.png.
Updated Graphics/Hulls/hull14.png.
Updated Graphics/Hulls/hull25.png.
Updated Graphics/Hulls/hull31.png.
Updated Graphics/Hulls/hull4.png.
Updated Graphics/Hulls/hull6.png.
Updated Graphics/UI/cursor_strip.png.
Fixed all compiler warnings, other little improvements, changes and fixes.
Fixed a possible client crash without even writing a dump file.


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Added newer nebula tiles done by Thundera.
Replaced splash image with an another one that were done by PsiTek almost a year ago.
Added ability to turn on the experimental BSP system (Ask cisco for more details).


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Improved /gui chat command by toggling the window when using command without action.
Added little FPS window you can toggle using the chat command or pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F.
Profiler window can now be toggled using CTRL+SHIFT+P.
Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+H will now toggle drawing the whole GUI.
Added gui state info to profiler window.
Fixed launcher not logging with usernames that begins with a lower case character.


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Thats what we have atm: https://snag.gy/DLKYqd.jpghttps://i.snag.gy/DLKYqd.jpg


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Added GuiWindowLauncher as replacement for the old GuiWindowLauncher.
GuiLoader does now just resize the Gui rectangle on window resize (yes that really works tongue).
Fixed antialiasing issues with new Gui.
Small keyboard fix in GuiFeatureAccessible.
Fixed tooltips not drawing top border.
Added code to center few windows after a game window resize.
Fixed possible crashes in old gui.
Game is now showing the splash screen in launcher state too.
Launcher is now able to run ingame using the /gui launcher command.
Replaced the old launcher with the new launcher.


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684 - 688:
Added new GUI engine to the game.
Added GUI profiler.
Added main menu window.
Replaced quit window.
Added gui chat command.


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Fixed /psi command sometimes not working.
677 - 682:
Fixes asteroids not being visible.
Development on new GUI engine.
670 - 676:
Development on new GUI engine.


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- Added background sound/music toggle to control playing audio when client is in background.
- Added Ctrl+Click to move items instantly between locker and cargo.
- Fixed possible crashes through instabilities with openal32.dll.
- Improved error output of server changelog for the case that the changelog couldnt be loaded from -API.
- Added filter for low power warning spaem.