Topic: Client 885 - 901 changes

885 - 901:
Show function keys on group member ships when holding down ALT.
Added Hotkey T to toggle between your target and the targets target (most violent person).
Fixed item editor not being able to edit psion casting ID.
Added background to text for stun and disable timers.
Options window will now send /chan when these got changed, no restart required anymore.
Refactored volume control.
Removed volume control of music command to avoid conflicts with options window.
Removed toggles in music command.
Removed /sound command.
Clicking text containing item ID's encased in [ ] will now open up item details window. eg [178346].
While typing text to chat, Shift clicking an item will create an item link for that item.

Amethyst        T0    Pyr     30
Cisco                T4    Sco    90
Delphi              T1    Eng    21
Neuropath      T0    Tel     10