Topic: Client 861 - 878 changes

861 - 878:
Gui themes are now defined in Data/GuiColorThemes.ini.
Quick reference automatically shows when a player connects that is below T0 Level 6.
Quick reference is accessible via CTRL+SHIFT+HOME, /quickreference, /quickref, /qr, /controls, from main menu and from quick menu.
Added Quick reference window to teach new/returning players the basics how to play.
Improved ice floor tiles.
Added RGB shader (not in use).
Added Gamma and HSV shader (not in use).
Corrected the stars on some space backgrounds.

Amethyst        T0    Pyr     30
Cisco                T4    Sco    90
Delphi              T1    Eng    21
Neuropath      T0    Tel     10