Topic: Host 682 - 683 changes

Removed "VOKING!" debug message that indicated merc mob was casting provoke
Removed internal profiler which was resulting in 80ms ticks, now back to 8ms a tick.
Removed debug messages from spamming log.
$who now shows average time server spends sleeping per game tick.
Acceleration is now a level 45 Navigation psion.
Stun and disable, when removed, should now send correct time to clients.
Players ship should now display stun and disable timers.
Fixed forced decloak message when a cloaked ship has been attacked.
Only the group leader can now roll a /grandom.
15% bonus experience is now rewarded for player that keep on PvP.
Pvp Timer is now sent correctly to client when timer timer has been reset during combat.
Mobs will now attempt to cast a few buffs on spawn.
Mobs that are dormant will now have their buff duration timers frozen.

Re: Host 682 - 683 changes

Do these Buff attempt on spawn affect Path Entities on evolve? Do Entities get the benefits of 'Buff Stasis'.


Re: Host 682 - 683 changes

Nah, evolve does not "re-spawn" the entity, so it wont attempt to cast anything.

Technically, entities have no class skills, only until a path ent is evolved do they get a skill assigned.