Topic: Host 679 changes

Bosses will no longer summon players when stunned.
Fixed issues with power regen being applied twice.
All predefined items (like boss items) now calculate their cost based on level of items.
The above change effectively increases the time before items vanish.
Low end hulls have had a price increase to offset the increased price of many loot items.
Decoy provoke logic overhauled to use level of the decoy and a small bonus from Tactics to cast provoke on all mobs that have attacked the player.
Decoys and Droids now level up with the corresponding skill. (This removes all the mk1, mk2, etc and replaces it with one psion).
Decoys now last longer.
Decoy weaponry tweaked.
Reflexive force plates now give hull instead of psionics.
Fixed cloak level bug.