Topic: Host 675 - 678 changes

Fixed Accelerate level, was never meant to be used by all power classes.
Fixed Force bolt being castable by pyros. (it's use was meant to be only for Hellfire).
Fixed Force bolt levelling pyrokenetic skill when Hellfire procs.
Enchant stones no longer randomise values, all have a predefined amount.
The majority of stones are now much more powerful.
New Enchant stone definitions added. (Za range).
Za enchant stones added to bosses above level 145.
Fixed bad door tile in Izar.
Summons should no longer chase their target if they have been ordered to /stay (Shift + J).
Better random engine implemented.
Conduit fabrication now allows more than 1 unit at a time.
All fabrication now rolls a chance on success for each item in the stack, no longer pass/fail on whole lot.
Fixed spelling on some hulls.
Conduit fabrication will now allow a higher level conduit than needed to be used.
New level 155 Boss added.
Several new items added to new boss (Thanks to Thundera).