Topic: Host 662 - 670 changes

Meditate skill boosts now effect the quality of entities. ( + meditate skill).
Evolve can now be casted on ALL summons, yes that means droids too.
Increase duration of all buf timers.
Accelerate added to Telkentics.
New Hellfire psion added to Pyokenetics.
Transfer crew psion boosted.
Fire nova damage increased and cost.
Found bug in salvaging that didn't raise chances when using skill modifiers like +5 system tech on weapons.
Several code changes to allow the modification and use of stats and skills.
Modified skills now sent to client, and not base skill.
Fixed bad warning message when you are able to use an item below your level.
Fixed bad level shown in above warning message. (showed player level and not level of items they could use).
Ensured mobs could not cast new psions, since they do not possess skills.
/status now sends modified stat values, not base values.
12 other new psions added.
Host now detects if clients are out of sync and forces the re-sync process.
Mobs weapon delays are now +-3 so they don't try to fire at same time.
Warning added for players to see the percentile decrease they receive for items that are above their level.
Mobs now take into account the negative effects of resilience, making them susceptible to Compromise psion.
Host now sends the correct aggro mode to clients.
Another attempt to allow summoned mobs to traverse instances.