Topic: Host 659 changes

Increased provoke aggro generation when a "critical hit".
Fixed provoke not working when no pervious aggro had been gained.
New conduit names added.
Resetting an instance now checks if the player is actually underground first (stops false positives if player is directly above an instanced area).
Summoned mobs will now correctly enter the same instance of their masters. (mobs did follow in, but were invisible).
Loot that doesn't fit in cargo and the dropped on floor, should now belong to that player, and not any random player.
Clan mates should no longer appear hostile to each other.
/aggro command added to toggle aggro data sent from target or from selected ship.
/rnd, /rand, /random now set too max of 25 players.
3 new Salvage kits added.
3 new Upgrade kits added.
2 Shops added to sell above kits.
Mobs max loot increased to 60.
New Boss added with a loot table of 50+ items.
Mob +- 3 levels fixed.
Mini bosses now have a chance to drop conduits..
Sadalsuud now correctly shown as a PvP area on galaxy map.
More LUA fixes and functions added.
Host now fully prepared to take on new tiles.. WATCH THIS SPACE!