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Did I miss something?! Let me know!

Name     Affects     Effect     Shop Value
Vog To     Systems     Adds Crew Regen : +1    10K
Um Dro     Weapons     Increases Weapon Damage : +2     20K
Ri Kra     Weapons     Decreases Weapon Power : -2     20K
Qi Yol     Weapons     Random Offensive Effect     50K
To Dru     Weapons     Random Defensive Effect     50K
Xen Ra     Systems     Adds Armor : +3     10K
Lor Xi     Systems     Adds Power : +50     10K
Tri Wo     Systems     Adds Thrust : +1     10K
Lin Xa     Systems     Adds Shields : +(15-30)     10K
Rei Zi     Systems     Adds Defense : +(5-10)     10K
Lun Gi     Systems     Adds Offense : +(5-10)     10K
Qov Hi     Systems     Adds Resistance : +(5-10)     10K
Nin Ki     Systems     Adds Sensors : +(5-10)     10K
Sar Ti     Systems     Adds Psi : +(15-30)     10K
Xru Vo     Systems     Adds Hull: +(5-10)     10K
Uel Po     Systems     Adds Power Regen : +2     10K
Wor Ia     Systems     Adds Hull Regen : +1     10K
Dro Xa     Systems     Adds Psi Regen : +1     10K

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Nice one, There were a few things I had to edit as the current host doesn't support them.


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Thank you for the input smile Glad we have decent admins, always here to help ya supa.

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Just out of interest would the thrust stone work? as I don't believe the thrust buff works (unless its being sorted this update)