Topic: Server stability.

Good news is the last update did indeed bring back server stability.

Bad news is our hosts are still having latency issues.

Thier respose so far is " Thank you for your patience so far. We are looking into this issue and will get back to you shortly."

That was 14 hours ago, so, with a bit of luck, something will be done by tonight.

We are fully aware of the damage this has done to player numbers, A lot of the problems are down to a very old, buggy client, which we're not sure how much further we can push.  It's already reciecving more information that it was designed for, and memory regions stretched to it's limits.  We will try to fix as much as we can with what we have and then push forward with a re-write of the client once we fully understand each and every byte of every packet.

The re-write could take a while, in which time I will continue to update and patch the host, and soon we will start a serious campaing to get old and new players back.

These are dark times, but the future is looking pretty darn good, despite the recent set backs.


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Re: Server stability.


Re: Server stability.

As a new player to the game. Good work on getting the game going again.. I'm sure that soon the others will fall back in line.... I mean come back.


Re: Server stability.

is it just me or is server down?

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I can't log in right either. I was just creating a new char to see if that was the problem.


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Well, its back up, for now

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hope this all gets sorted out sooner rather then later sad

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nah i still can't log in. gets to sending user rothferd, then nothing