Topic: Host 685 - 688 changes

Fixed code to change players names.
Fixed item 20001 being used as a ship hull.
Correct mob position is now sent to clients if a mob is disabled mid movement.
The above change should fix issues related to "not facing target" and disable.
Also applied the above tweak to stun, as I suspect the same is possible there.
Fixed a bug that made all bufs saved to a player be recast at max level upon player load.
Power reduced to just 10 when using /hs /hyperspace.
Removed the 70 shields from Oblivion Bulwark (5425).
Exposed all regeneration values to /status to show the exact amount of regeneration is being calculated.
The above also changes when recovering, the effects of fuel, recharge skill and meditation skill.
ALL regeneration amounts shown in /status will now be the exact values ships receive over a 10 second period.
Regeneration still "ticks" every second, so the value shown in /staus is divided by 10 and given per "tick".
Increased base regeneration bonuses based on players level.
Increased mob peace time regeneration.
Increased the effects of meditate skill on psionics regeneration.
Increased the effects of power regeneration.
1 point of extra regeneration per tick is now given to compensate for truncation.
Fixed mobs not ageing.
Fixed false positive for name change.