Topic: Host 689 - 693 changes

Warning added to combine to ensure all quantities of stacks match.
Increased Burn duration and considerably increased the reduction in hull regeneration.
Minimum damage for all direct attacks set to skill level/5, unless fully resisted.
Cost of Slam reduced.
Decoy reduced to level 26.
Direct attacks will now act like critical hits to make them more visible.
Psionic Amplifier (ID 5300) has been rebalanced.
TX weaponry added to academy.
Reduced the value of low level items.
Message added to inform players how long the combat timer will last when attempting to recover.
NOTE:- Combat timer lasts a lot longer if you don't attempt to recover.
Fixed quests script not returning 1 to indicate command had been handled resulting in ("unknown command").
Reduced the variation in mob levels in areas below level 15.
Fixed players not loading correctly.
Fixed psi regneration when players had a target set.
Fixed shields not regnerating during combat.