Topic: Client 631 - 639 changes

Added low power warning to chat filter.
Finished and worked out tileset meta system (with angus).
Added meta data to all tilesets.
Fixed redundant loading of nebula tilesets when using new tileset system.
Modified skills now received separately, and used accordingly.
Added code to ensure initialization of default graphics to asset loader.
Added ability to allow execution of /level 0 (shows everything that has no mobs).
Improved the weapon level calculation on /calcweap command to be correct on high delay weapons.
Added/Fixed low power warning filter.
Work started on a new input controller system that is capable to manage configurable key combinations.
Enchant window now shows effects of stone correctly.
GuiWindowTextLong now uses a pixel width instead.
Utility::FormatLongText now uses a max pixel width.
Item names on floor will no longer be underneath other items.
Aggro readout now shows targets' remaining hull.
Clicking on player name on the aggro readout will now attempt to select them.
Clicking players on group GUI that are in a different instance, will no longer erase the enrty and fill it with duplicates.
Clicking quest givers, or NPCs that talk (gate guards in SB) no longer open chat GUI.
New button added to ship scanner to interact with NPCs to start quests or chat.
Fixed chat "wrap around" when scrolling up.
Remastered shard hull. (Thanks to Jacksengie).