Topic: Host 648 - 654

More provoke fixes.
Sun radiation damage to crew re implemented.
Removed "DOUBLE" debug message on provoke.
Shift + k on an enemy will now force summons to attack it, regardless of aggro.
Group details now sent when group is added or removed (should stop flicker).
Removed delay initiation when attempting to cast whilst stunned.
Added interruption check for actions like heal.
Raised level cap on alien items for mini bosses.
Detailed scan now returns what mineral is available to mine from asteroids.
Detailed scan now indicates if your mining skill is too low or too high to gain any skill from mining it.
Level of asteroid now sent to clients.
Stopped mobs attempting to move while disabled.
Disconnecting players are no longer handled in the network threads.
Mobs aggro is no longer limited to 10 sorted entries.
Mob aggro changes are now sent to clients per tick, and not on every change. (huge reduction in bandwidth use).
Max item stack increased too 10000 (from 250).
All cargo slots, lockers, and fabrication may now stack up to 10000 units.