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I've been scouring the net and my own documents, and this is what I have for you! please post any corrections and I'll change this!

1. Introduction

All new Weapon Recipes are built up same way:

Weapon Kit + Redbox Conduit + Weapon Redbox => Item
Weapon Kit + Redbox Conduit + Weapon Redbox + Item => Weapon

The Kit/Conduit/Weapon Redbox fabbed with the Item have to be the SAME kind used to fab the Item!

2. How to know which Weapon Kit/Weapon Redbox i need?

The Weapon Redbox defines of what type the Weapon will be in the end and is independant from used Kits/conduits:

Harmonic Distorter (Thuban) =>Disruptor
Photonic Amplifier (Tyv Base) =>Beam
Plasma Compressor (Kraxis) =>Bolt
Rack Mount (some Bandit Bases,e.g.Acamar) =>Launcher
Launch Framework (Alosont) =>Bay

Which Weapon kit has to be used depends on the used Conduit:

Conduit - Kit:
Simple (Scythe) - Simple
Bundled (Tearix) - Simple
Insulated (Algedi) - Medium
Optic (Menkalinan) - Medium
Threaded (Unukalhai) - Advanced
Plated (around Dark/Huge/Large Asteroid) - Advanced
Silicon(Nidelix) - Expert
Phased (Izar) - Expert
Pulsing (Vakri Bases) - Expert

3. Fablist:

Conduit ItemTechLv,WeaponTechLv (Dam/Pow[Beam/Bolt/Disser] Dam/Pow[Bay/Launcher],Cplx)

Simple 5,10 (15/23 30/46, 4)
Harmonic Distorter => Magnapulse Containment Field =>Magnapulse Disruptor
Photonic Amplifier => Micro Filament Array => Microgrid Pulsator
Plasma Compressor => Subatomic Fracturing Chamber => Structure Fragmenter
Rack Mount => Adamantium Coupling => Maelstorm Array
Launch Framework => Sling Armature => Neophyte Blessing

Bundled 15,20 (15/22 30/44, 10)
Harmonic Distorter=>Neutronic Dissassembler => Neutron Booster
Photonic Amplifier =>Sub Molecular Processing Unit =>Molecular Disassembler
Plasma Compressor => Explosive Charge Multiplier => Metaphasic Imploder
Rack Mount => Multibarrel Array => Hammerhand
Launch Framework =>Propulsion Decoupler => Accelerated Demise

Insulated 25,30 (15/21 30/42, 15)
Photonic Amplifier =>Quantum Flux Inverter =>Quantum Particle Accelerator
Harmonic Distorter => Octogonal Electron Filter => Chainreaction Multiplexer
Plasma Compressor => Chemical Reaction Catalyst => Submolecular Disintegrator
Rack Mount => Uranium Core => Radiation Basher
Launch Framework => Hangar Automation => Shadow Reaper

Optic 35,40 (15/20 30/40, 18)
Harmonic Distorter=> Energy Concentration Chamber => Quantum Dislocator
Photonic Amplifier=> Subspace Quark Folding Grid => Neutronic Discharger
Plasma Compressor=> Multifocal Spatial Flexer => Inversion Field Pulsar
Rack Mount => Mass Inversion Matrix => Firestorm Grid
Launch Framework=> Wing Transferance Kit => Flying Scurge

Threaded 45,50 (15/18 30/36, 26)
Harmonic Distorter=>Antimatter Conduit => Teklar Meson Repeater
Photonic Amplifier => Plasma Field Multiplexer=> Lurid Nekra
Plasma Compressor=> Plasma Catterbeam => White Hole Generator
Rack Mount => Dilithium Cylinders => Massdriver
Launch Framework => Hyperlaunch Structure Field => Lightspeed Executor

Plated 55,60 (15/16 30/32, 40)
Harmonic Distorter=> Space Shifts Condensator=>Disruption Wave Wielder
Photonic Amplifier => Energy Filter=> Temporal Atomiser
Plasma Compressor => Proton Accelerator => Nova Blast
Rack Mount => Cyclic Range Finder=> Cycling Fury
Launch Framework=>Streamlined Launch Kit=> Corona Flight Deck

Silicon 65,70 (15/15 30/30, 50)
Harmonic Distorter=> Cattatonic Generator => Spacegrid Flexture Inverter
Photonic Amplifier => Conductive Prism=> Ionic Suplifluxer
Plasma Compressor => Transmeshic Container => Concussion Multicannon
Rack Mount => Impulse Drive Armature => Spatial Fabric Destabiliser
Launch Framework => Flux Drivers => Annihilation Platform

Phased 75,80 (15/14 30/28, 70)
Harmonic Distorter => Magnetic Storm Capcitor => Phase Variance Shredder
Photonic Amplifier => Energy Transferance Grid => Stellar Energy Tarlesher
Plasma Compressor => Singularity Rifter => Singularity Driver
Rack Mount => Antimatter Containment Field => Juggernaught
Launch Framework => Docking Ring => Narlesh Gate

Pulsing 85,90 (15/13 30/26, 70)
Harmonic Distorter => Cataclysm Summoning Field => Cataclysm Summoner
Photonic Amplifier => Space Fold Concentrator => Mekta Exo Star Hasher
Plasma Compressor => Flexture Controller => Legendary Assailant
Rack Mount => Hyperwarp Rocket => Swift Annihilation
Launch Framework => Slipstream Engines => Sky Armada

Re: Weapon fab guide

I'm afraid these fabs have not yet been added.....  Currently only the original Alpha fabs work....  Will be implementing more fabs soon.....

But thanks for the post bud tongue