Topic: Client r 623-627 changes

Improved ship movement.
Improved post processing shaders.
Added ability to do a random hit of 1million damage.
Scythe mobs now drop Ciscoadmin gear.
Assign bounty to HELP now gives 5 pvp points.
Tyv Lord now drops HELP's gear.
Using !ai command may cause client crash.
Changed the way how weapon damage and level gets calculated. Its now based on a seed that got taken by player name.
Added an ingame item shop where you can spent real dollars to buy some upper dope gear (all checques payable to HSR Team).
Killing a player in PVP that has the same class now triggers the unconsciously effect for 5 minutes.
Added 666 new areas for level 1000-9000 range.
You can now buy beard skins for your ship in item shop.
If you cast flame based skills it will make you burn until you cast a water based skill on yourself.
Titan items available to buy in clan base.
Lowered the range of targets and weapons to -666 pixels.
Casting droids or entities now requires corpses as fuel instead psi or power.
You can now only cast cloak in shadowed areas only.
Today is Sweetmorn, the 18th day of Discord in the YOLD 3183.
Fixed client using new but unfinished tileset system.
Captains log now receives "MOTD" from launcher.
Sync process now silent.
Sync results sent to host for logging.
Disabled tilesets.
Added missing missile GFX.
Missile GFX now shown.
Various weapon colour display errors fixed.
Fighter animation now uses a batching to display laser effects.
Replaced slow disrupter effects.
Client now detects if it's out of synchronisation with host, and attempts to re-sync.
Client now receives correct aggro mode status from host.
Client now displays correct aggro mode.
Stone effects are now displayed in the scanner.
Paint shop default values now set correctly.
Smoothed fighter and missile rotation.

Amethyst        T0    Pyr     30
Cisco                T4    Sco    90
Delphi              T1    Eng    21
Neuropath      T0    Tel     10