Topic: Xenology Guide


Xenology Skill:
1-99 fab skill
Max Fab Item Level(rough):
10+( Xeno skill*2)

Xenology Items:

- Drops like alien items do from Named Mobs/Heros/Elite/Quest Mobs/Minis/Bosses
- Elite/Minis/Bosses have higher chance at Advanced Bioex or Bio-ex with higher color/slot count such as alien items do
- Roaming fleet mobs and Bosses always drop at least one and are the best source.
- Can be Combined/ Gambled/ Modified /Built up with Xenology fabbing skill.
- Come with 1-4 attributes and a possible skill bonus much like aliens.
- Can be socketed into Items with an open socket or a socket can be created with use of a Bio Graft.
- Bio-Ex insert xeno skill requirement based on ilevel of bio-ex to be inserted.

Bio Graft:
- Roamer bosses are the primary source of the Bio Graft device.
- Bio Grafts are one size fits all item, they can be used to add a socket to any item provided the user has high enough Xenology fabbing skill and the item has no socket currently.
- Xenology skill requirement is based on item level of item being socketed.
- Caution: Bio Grafts should typically be used before enchanting(stoning) an item to ensure Ilvl low enough for users xeno skill.

- Relics drop from roamer bosses lv90+.
- Drop rate 1-2 per boss kill, like stones or the wep skill that drops.
- LV Quality Ranges 90-180/180-270/270-360 (see Relics table below)
- Used In Bio-Ex combine window to add a skill suffix to a Bio-Ex.
- Must be placed on a 90+ BIO-EX / conform to Ilvl skill level range or below on table.
- Best used in the final combine of a Bio-EX fabbing.

Skill Usage:

Combine System to be socketed with Bio-Graft to add a Bio-socket to it. Xenology skill requirement is based on item level being socketed so it is recommended to bio-sock items before a final stoning.

Combine Bio-Socked system with open Bio-Sock with Bio-Ex to be socketed into it. Xenology skill requirement is based on the level of Bio-Ex being socketed.

Combine two Bio-Ex to create a new Bio-Ex. This system can be used to gamble randomly or can be guided through use of Stones, Relics and choice of starting Bio-Ex attributes.

The gamble combine window will offer a good breakdown of possible outcomes of the combine.

The following rules and conditions apply:

  • Combined Bio-Ex must be within 20% item level range of each other. This means a ilvl 100 Bio-Exo can be combined with an ilvl 80 to ilvl 120 Bio-Ex.

  • Minimum and maximum ilvl of combined result is rolled between ilvl of the input bio-ex. Use of a stone in the combine can ensure rolls to the high end of this range.

  • Minimum and maximum ilvl of combined result has a 10% chance to be boosted by 10%. This is essentially a plussing of the overall stats on result Bio-ex.

  • Number of attribute ‘slots’ on Bio-Ex rolled between the number of slots on inputs, with a 10% chance to add a slot randomly on combine. Meaning a 1 slot + a 3 slot will roll 1-3 slots with a 10% chance of adding +1 slot.

  • For each attribute currently present, a 50% chance will be added to the chance that attribute exist in the final Bio-Ex.(This means combining a Bio-ex with hull on it is more likely to result in a Bio-ex that also has hull on it even without a ‘match’)

  • Two Matching attributes will result in 100% chance that attribute exist in the final Bio-Ex. (This means a hull + hull will always result in a bio with hull, hull/res + hull/res with always result in a hull/res bio)

  • Using system enchantment stones in the combine will guarantee that the stone attribute is present on the Bio-Ex result. (This means that hull/res + hull/res bios + def system stone = hull/res/def Bio-ex result)

  • Enchantment stones must be within the level range of Bio-Ex being combined. This means black/basic stones are used for low level Bio-Ex while a high level Bio-Ex might need a za or xo stone.

  • Use of Enchantment stones can boost a present attribute or ensure a roll to a higher level range of Bio-Ex.

  • Use of a Relic in the class attribute slot will result in a Bio-Ex with skill bonus on it. (Use Relics on final combines otherwise the skill can be lost if Bio-Ex is gambled again)

Example Combines:

  • Hull+Hull Bio= Hull Bio

  • Hull+Hull Bio + Res Stone= Hull/Res Bio

  • Res+Res Bio + Hull Stone= Hull/Res Bio

  • Hull/Res + Hull/Res Bio = Hull/Res Bio

  • Hull/Res + Hull/Res Bio + Def stone = Hull/Res/Def Bio

  • Hull/Def + Hull/Def Bio + Res stone = Hull/Res/Def Bio

  • Hull/Res/Def + Hull/Res/Def Bio = Hull/Res/Def Bio

  • Hull/Res/Def + Hull/Res/Def Bio + Tactics Skill Relic = Hull/Res/Def/Tactics Skill Bio

  • Hull/Res/Def + Hull/Res/Def Bio + Armor Stone  = Hull/Res/Def/Armor Bio

  • Hull/Res/Def + Hull/Res/Def Bio + Armor Stone + Tactics Skill Relic  = Hull/Res/Def/Armor/Tactics Skill Bio

Xenology Relics:

Thundera,Thundam,Thunblock,Thundar, Thunderr...and more Thuns