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Topic: The New Players Starter guide.

New to hostile space? That’s ok. Here’s a little guide for you. I will update this guide with things i missed, and im sure i did. Thanks for reading

What is hostile space? 

Its a Science fiction RPG game. Where you collect cool gear from raid type bosses, that require a group to kill. You can also craft things in the game to, if you like crafting. Its pretty much  a grind game though, From the leveling up of teir's. Though its not too bad, cause the admins like to give us good multi exp, here and there and it really helps. A New server is coming soon, that will introduce clan bases back into the game, then that should help the PVP in this game. 

First off you have to pick a race to play. These are the races that you can decide from, as you can see they give different starting values, Depending on class you pick, Depends more or less what you stats you need.
                STR    INT DEX       Added bonus
Eschar    15     15     15     Power +15
Gi'pok    23     10     10     +2 Crew regen    
Humane   12     18     15     +3 Psi regen   
Kalarix    15     10     20     +1 Defense    
Tekorus    18     10     17     +2 Hull regen    
Terrix    12     15     18     +1 Offense
For example, a Smugger likes dex for good weapon damage, So if you wanted to pick a smug, pick a kalarix, look at that lovely 20 dex starting value.    

Ok, now your prob asking. What do the stats do?

Increaes skill chance gain.
Increases max psi (3 points).
Increases psi regen.
Decreases mobs chance to hit.
Reduces damage from mobs.
Increases precise hit rate (max damage from weapon).
Reduces "Your XXX has been damaged". (System damage, Couldn't tell ya exactly this how works, but i guess it reduces the time your weapons are down from being damaged)
Increases max crew (4 points).
Increases chance to interrupt
Decreases chance to be interrupted

The Classes
I put what stat I think best stat for each one is in (). Though im not entirely sure on the INT stat, cause I don’t know how valuable it is really, I don’t have any high teirs with tons of int, if anyone does please do comment how well it helps.

Engineer- Repairs people, and gets a cool little droid to summon(dex)
Mercenary- The Tank of Hostile space, Gets the most hull. (dex)
Telepathist- Is a buffer class, with all kinds of cool little buffs (int)
Pyrokinetic-Strait DPS class, want to do damage? Pick a pyro.(int)
Telekinetic-Semi-buffer,dps. Gives a great armor buff best in the game(int)
Smuggler-The Rogue of Hostile space, Able to cloak and ambush for high amounts of damage.(dex)

Ok, so you picked your race, and your class what now?

You get to start killing things!

Movement is just right clicking area of the screen, you can also hit the little -  or + to adjust the radar, and right click on it to move longer ranges, instead of having to fly by right clicking, you can hold right click tooo to just keep going in that direction.

You start off in a newbie area of the game, that only new people get to go to. Make sure that you put on some weapons, and on the top right of the screen you’ll see them come up.  You have to click on them and make them blue to active your weapons, otherwise weapons will not fire. Also put your radar to scan, on the bottom right of the screen. Also make sure to have recover on your action bar, as this is the way you get hull(life) back.

Next set your actions bar, you don’t have many actions when you start off, but you’ll get evade at least, You can also put your attack button directly on your action bar, or you can use ctrl A to attack. Whatever you feel comfortable with doing. As you level up, you’ll get more actions, if you type /psi it will show you what you can get, and what you need in skill points, to get that skill.

What are skill points? Or you could call them DP for short
They are points that you get every level, 10 of them, that you can put into various different stats you have, under your info tab, hit the little train button if its lit up, and distribute points. You can also save these points into other tiers, and save them up.

What are tiers?

There is T0-T9 in the game

With every tier you get, you get more hull, and crew. And get extra stat point every 10 levels after t0For your T0 level grind, you want to go all the way to 75 to get that extra stat point, Then you can teir to next one which is T1, by doing /changeclass pw pw .  AT t3 your character receives some extra skills come another class, starting at level 51. Then at t6, your character receives 1 more set of skills from another class, also starting at 51. So you can get two other class skill sets, up to level 25 at t6. Pretty cool!

Ok, now back to the game

After you got your weapons and shields on, go ahead and go up to the top of that place you arrived at. You’ll see some spiders, go ahead and click on them, hit your attack button you put on action bar, or use ctrl A, And you start firing at the target, it is all done automatically pretty much, and all you have to do is sit there and watch the battle. Later on when you get more skills, you have to keep some of those skills up depending on your class. Cause some actions you use, only last for 30 seconds or so.

Ok, you got to level 3? Maybe 2 and feeling brave.

Very important- Crew. With low tiers, you have to pay attention to you crew, if your crew reaches 0, you ship will not fire, or use any actions. And you will die to something if you attacking it without crew. You can use the recover action to get crew and hull back.

The very top room of the place you’re in, has an exit guardian. He has a key you need to get out of noob land! Once you get that key from him, go ahead and fly into the sparkly looking stuff up from there. And you’re in the Main StarBase! If you go to the right of here, you’ll see some more sparkles and you can exit the starbase. Not much for you to do in starbase right away. So might as well get out there and level.

Ok so what now?

http://cisco211.de/Games/HostileSpace/Map This link will help you out a lot, if finding a good place to level, if your new. You can click on the little stars, and it will bring up info for that system, showing the mobs HP, and stuff. So you can decide if that’s a place you can kill things or not. Go ahead and check it out, you can thank Cisco for that, Thanks cis!. 

Well I can tell you right off the start that you want to go to either, scythe, or tyv. They are either Northwest of starbase or Southeast of  starbase. Also you can enter planets there you’ll see a red little box around planets you can enter, on your radar. 

Go ahead and level up a bit, and get some cash built up.

Just a few tips, really quick.
If your hit your tab button will bring up a little color bar around mobs, if the bar is red, they are hard mobs, if its yellow they are little bit less hard, then it goes white, blue to green, to dark green(no exp). I take it you can follow the drift. With green being the lowest exp. And its time to move on to next zone, if you get bunch of green mobs. Also there is a thing called multi exp. It will give up to 2x,3x,4x,5x exp depending on how long those mobs been living, the longer a mob is living and sitting around in zone, the more exp you get from killing it. You’ll know cause you’ll see gain exp a few times on your screen rather than once.

Ok, so you leveled up a bit, and got some cash.

Go back to sb, you just have to drive over the top of it, to start docking into it.
Once you enter the station if you go down and the building to the left of you, has ships that you can buy. I think the range up to 30k for the highest ship. But this depends on your trading skill. A trading skill of 7.5 is what you want to get to, so you get the best prices when selling and buying.  Go ahead check out the sb and various different shops.

This should be enough to get you started off in the game. Ill be adding more to this guide, such as what is SA,DEF,OFF on items and stuff. Stay tuned.

If you see me in the game, you can always /t draccon “message”. That’s like private tell, and you can ask me anything you like. And hopefully I can answer it.

Also a visual guide by gunslingers.

Draccon T9 Pryo (pew pew)
Paragonx T9 ENG (fabber 89 Wep,93 Sys)
Blacksmith T9 TKR (Need an Aug? Yank?)

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Re: The New Players Starter guide.

You're welcome @map

Here is another guide that has been made by Jakke: http://cisco211.de/data/hostilespace/Gu … ntro_1.txt

I know its very old and not quite right but it may help too.

About the smuggler example:

I decided to use Terrix as Race, to get that Bonus offense. In this case, your defense is very weak but you can do a little bit more damage. Another choice for defense is hull regen, but i never tested it. Through this post i think that kalarix is the best choice too, if you compare the stat points (O.o cis, you selected the wrong class).

If you (i mean the new player) need help, just ask in the /shout channel, the community is very friendly and helping newbies out (most time).

PS: Just forgot additional informations which may help ingame can be found here: http://hs.cisco211.de

Amethyst        T0    Pyr     30
Cisco                T4    Sco    90
Delphi              T1    Eng    21
Neuropath      T0    Tel     10

Re: The New Players Starter guide.

Hey, thanks for the guide! Really useful!

I would like to request, if possible, a little bit more elaboration on Tiering.
Also, the links are  broken.

Thanks a lot,

Skype: bulletpoof
Email: naxarata@gmail.com

Re: The New Players Starter guide.

bit outdated info updated a bit:

"There is T0-T9 in the game
You can tier starting at level 80(though 90 is recommended). With every tier you get you get more hull,and  crew. You also  get extra stat points every 10 levels (instead of 5 at t0). For your T0 level grind, you want to go all the way to 90 to get that extra stat points, Then you can tier to the next tier which is T1, by doing /changeclass pw pw .  AT t3 your character receives some extra skills come another class, starting at level 65. Then at t6, your character receives 1 more set of skills from another class, also starting at 65. So you can get two other class skill sets, up to level 25 at t6. The class skills you will be given will be of that of power classes if you a psi class or psi classes if you are a power class. such as a T9 pyro would have 25 hide, tactics and repair. a T9 merc will have 25 to all psi skills. Pretty cool!"

also check the wiki http://hostilespace.wikia.com/wiki/Hostile_Space_Wiki

and here is a working map link+ the map link up top is most up to date but has no levels...

Thundera,Thundam,Thunblock,Thundar, Thunderr...and more Thuns