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Topic: New Munition Fab Recipes

I think I have discovered every new munition recipe. Most of the best ones require the new fuels. That means most require diamonds with some as much as three stacks (one for the first fuel, one for the second fuel, and one for the ammo itself). It is for this reason I do not think mining and munition is worth it still for the stats of these.

As I've said in game, I honestly think these new fabs deserve the stats of 1000dmg vanquishers on the missiles (that will run out like candy) and 100dmg BB alien drones on the fighters (which will last much longer but not long enough to use constantly by any means). Either that or mining should be changed to contribute to fabbing once more or have good DD prices on all the new ores so it can be, at least, a decent cash farming tool.

Also, you said the total amount you can mine has been switched to 20 units right Supa? Even at 99 max skill now, I only see as much as 12 and on the first few mines of a roid. So not sure if that's working.

Now here are all the new recipes. It starts with level of munition needed for success with them (as I've also tested, your intelligence stat can greatly affect how sooner you will have better chances at creating them though). Then the name, type of ammo, stats, and ingredient pool.

HS munitions

(70) Ununseptium, fuel, 15 recharge----Phosium, Catalysium, Ununpentium, Uranium, Diamond

(80) Unbinilium, fuel, 20 recharge----Ununseptium, Catalysium, Plutonium, Tungsten, Ununtrium, Diamond

(25) Wirraway, fighter, 5dmg, 12off--Cobalt, Zircon, Neptunium, Palladium, Catalysium

(25) Bloodhound, missile, 15dmg, 40off----2 stacks Titanium, Gold, Phosium, Catalysium

(15) Avis, fighter, 2dmg, 20off----Silver, Titanium, Gold, Catalysium

(15) Firefly, missile, 12dmg, 20off----Gold, Catalysium, Silver, Plutonium

(45) AZ1, fighter, 15dmg, 30off----Silver, Quartz, Ruby, Tritanium, Ununtrium

(55) XF14, fighter, 18dmg, 10off----Ruby, Gallium, Tungsten, Radium, Uranium

(55) Exocet, missile, 23dmg, 30off----Uranium, Tritanium, Cobalt, Polonium

(45) Hunter, missile, 10dmg, 20off----Ununtrium, Cesium, Tritanium

(35) Firebrand, missile, 17dmg, 30off----Ununtrium, Titanium, Quartz, Gold

(65) Firestreak, missile, 25dmg, 25offense---Ununpentium, Emerald, Tritanium, Platinum, Ununseptium

(35) Dornier, fighter, 10dmg, 30off----Ununtrium, Emerald, Gold, Tungsten

(65) YF12, fighter, 20dmg, 40off----Cobalt, Thorium, Tungsten, Diamond, Ununseptium

(75) PA9, fighter, 22dmg, 20off----Thorium, Polonium, Zircon, Neptunium, Unbinilium

(85) ZX7, missile, 30dmg, 50off----Diamond, Thorium, Platinum, Tungsten, Unbinilium

(90) XT9, fighter, 26dmg, 30off----Diamond, Thorium, Tungsten, Gold, Unbinilium

(85) ZS22, fighter, 24dmg, 40off----Radium, Thallium, Barium, Unbinilium

(75) Trigat, missile, 28dmg, 30off---Unbinilium, Diamond, Radium, Cobalt, Zircon

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Re: New Munition Fab Recipes

I've been told that the recipes involving uranium are broken.
xf14 and exocet

Re: New Munition Fab Recipes

Recycled trit + Silver.      (1:1 ratio)

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