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*Pulls Supa's leg* - HI tongue
After few busy months, think i got time to play this again smile Glad to see it's still alive and kicking.


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I like it either way, a + on the new one tho, eye candy smile


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Probably one of the most sought after activities in HS is bossing. While for the lower lvl ones it is as easy as point and shoot, for the big bad ones it require alot of coordination and every group member needs to do his job at the right moment.
For the brood bosses and up, you want to bring along these chars and act as it follows:

Your key group member, most of the times makes the difference between victory and defeat.
Has to:
- always keep group buffed ( augment and preferable might too  )
- yank group or dead members back into fight
- decelerate boss and surrounding mobs ( key debuff )
- weaken boss
- heal merc / engies and anyone else who needs it

Them on second position as need for bossing, same as TKR they make the difference.
Has to:
- focus on repair ( even if no crew, as long as the target is repaired and kept alive, you have a chance )
- heal whenever possible, if not , keep repairing

As of now, it is needed only for high lvl bosses, mid ones are doable without a merc, still for the new formed groups it is a must.
Has to:
- be able to stay alive as long as possible ( keep retreat and sustain on at all times )
- provoke boss and surrounding mobs at all times ( keep them off your engies  so they can do their job )
- heal self or group members when needed

Your preferate damage dealer, the quicker they dish damage out, the less work for others.
Has to:
- always cast amplification aura before major buffs
- when shields down, cast decimate till out of psi then fire bolt or wait for more decis
- heal merc and engies while psi is building up

Excellent for more dmg, debuff and crowd control.
Has to:
- always cast compromise on boss , sometimes makes the difference for all other group members' casts to land , less resists
- stun additional mobs till group can take care of them
- psi regen all psi classes
- heal merc and engies when needed

Excellent for more dmg, can hold aggro while group recovers if needed.
Has to:
- time ambushes right, preferable with obfuscate on, as it will draw alot of aggro
- obliterate boss when TKR is busy and can't cast weaken
- impede boss when TKR is busy and can't cast decelerate
- take additional mobs off engies when needed
- heal merc and engies when needed

As long as every member keeps an eye on everyone else and cast accordingly, there is nothing that can go wrong. It is advised to have at least 2 engineers in group, makes life easier.
No AFK accepted during fight, when people ask or demand some action, do it ASAP. ( most probably you'll see people shouting "heal / rep / debuff / mob". )

After boss is dead, it is preferable to share loot on a need basis. ( Even tho we all are greedy, including me )
Eg. if TKR needs that sa20 malixs to improve his overall survival, give it to him. Gear up the chars in the same order as listed above.
Try to build up the ship armor of all group members, it is the primary stat you're looking after.


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If you just started a new char or you just tiered an old one, you may want to check with other people where they have been and what they have killed as maybe they were leveling there or farmed for materials so the XP will suck. Yes, we all love the multi (as drops increase too if a mob is multi).

  Start in academy, keep killing there till you have all system slots filled and weps of your liking. Pick up all extra items and sell them to the drydocks bottom side of map, you'll need the cash for new hull/drive/items. When you feel ready to move kill the guardian, get the key card and go out.(probably best time to move is when mobs circle color turns light green - select a mob then press alt key to check circle color)
Once out of academy, take your time to check all starbase shops for upgrades. When you're done, return to the place where you entered starbase and go right to leave it.
Press shift + M to bring up galaxy map then press alt key to see location names. Cythris is where starbase is located.(you can return there using /hyperspace)
You can shift + right click on the map to auto-navigate to a desired location.
You can also ask for a place coords, first 3 letters will suffice.(eg. /ask scy will return the coords of scythe) Use /nav xxxx yyyy to auto-nav, careful tho as most likely will get you in the center of the quad and get you killed. Always watch scanner when auto-naving so you can avoid troubles. Move with keys/mouse to stop auto-nav.
Scythe outside is the next stop, kill them all till again mobs turn light green.
Then head to Tyvorax outside, when done (about lvl5-6) move inside.(look on the scanner for the docking place, looks like a flashing red rectangle, when in position look for the green sparkles under your ship to dock) When you reach the bottom right side of Tyv inside, kill Tyv Master and get the key. Do not go to lvl2 unless you're around lvl7. If so, go in and kill around. When about lvl8-9, /hyperspace to return to SB, then go again to Scythe, this time go inside.
Lvl10-11, go Kraxis, should be easy prey, when done , go Tearix.
Lvl12-14, Kitalpha and/or Algedi, when done you can hit the ruins top right of Algedi (careful of Enraged mobs).
Lvl16-17, Thuban or Menkalinan, when done you can check the other inner roids ruins ( save the one right side of Menkalinan last, mobs lvl20+)
Lvl19-20, Unukalhai or Lesath, kill last ruin mobs too (also you can go back and kill some enraged from older ruins).

At lvl20 you can equip a 3rd weapon , do so,  will help alot killing.

Lvl22-23 Zoldar or Koni, first one you can reach easy from SB, go south then pick left side gate to Medusa. The second , go south and pick south gate to Sirrah.
Lvl25-27 Calarb (Sirrah side) or Arbenteur (Medusa side).
Lvl30-32 Kakarin (Medusa side) or Myrmans (Sirrah side) or Rigel(Sirrah side, this is a bandit base, group recommended).
Lvl34-35 Nidlex (Medusa side) or Alosont (Sirrah side)
Lvl37-38 Cron (Medusa side) or Bartroson (Sirrah side)
Lvl 39-40 Alioth outside (Medusa side) or Izar outside (Talitha) or ruins around Sirrah side.

  At lvl40 you can equip a 4th weapon.

Lvl42-43 you can hit Errai ( bandits Medusa side ) , for all bandit bases it is recommended to be grouped, them hit pretty hard.

  After lvl44 it is recommended to be grouped at all times, soloing gets harder.

Lvl44-45 Izar inside (Talitha) or Mintaka (bandits south from SB)
Lvl46-47 Acamar (Talitha) or Botein (Medusa) , both are bandit bases.
Lvl49-50 Altair (bandits Medusa) or Nogrisurnik (Sirrah) or Alioth inside (Medusa)
Lvl54-55 Markab (bandits Medusa) or Okda (bandits Talitha)
Lvl57-60 Celbalrai (Sirrah), Honru (Medusa) , Hydra outside (Talitha) , Cerebus outside (Medusa), Perceus outside (Sirrah)
Lvl62-64  Zaniah (bandits Talitha), Hydra in , Cerebus in, Perceus in also you can start killing Talitha ruins, start with the one top from Talitha then the one left side from Cetus.
Lvl65+     Kill other ruins from Talitha, inside Crypt (right side of Okda) if you have a TKR with key.
Lvl70+     Hadar (bandits Sirrah) or Nashira, careful both places are very hard.

Thanks to Rowspan for indexing locations.


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Fabrication in HS is pretty much like crafting and follows couple rules, still sometimes it is not easy to tell how and why you can or can't improve your items.


To open fabrication window type /fabricate or double click fabricate in actions tab.

What you can do:
- improve weapons (increase damage,  decrease delay, add effect)
- improve systems (increase existing stats, add new stats)
- create new ammo or fuel
- create new weapons and systems

What you need:
- alot of time
- weapon/system you want to modify
- specific parts that drop from mobs
- upgrade kits (can be bought from starbase lvl2 shops)
- enchanting stones (drop from bosses)
- tech requirement reducing stones (drop from bosses)

- alpha fabs - check other guides
- plussing - you need 2 items that have same id and 1 upgrade kit. To know what type of kit you need select item and press Activate. Eg. Put together in fabrication window, not stacked: stella bay, stella bay, simple kit then press fabricate.
- enchant - fab together item and stone
- create new weapons - weapon core, weapon mold, conduit, skill (skill optional, all other required)
- create new systems - system mold, conduit, system attributes (up to 4 sys attribs, you have to match location with mold)

- you can only stone an item ONE time
- systems with 4 stats cannot be stoned
- you can plus an item up to +9
- created items cannot be stoned
- items bought from starbase shops cannot be modified
- ALL plussings have a max of 95% success rate


It is recommended to farm for materials and money before you start fabricating as upgrading kits will be expensive in the long run.
Raising skill can be done via plussing, stoning or new fabs.
General plussing: weapon weapon kit
Tech needed for high success chance can be found in the brackets if you activate a weapon (weaponery skill 14)  eg. or you can check weapons lvl then add 10%, rounded down.( For example to plus a lvl55 brekkar laser you will need 55+10%=55+5.5=55+5=60 skill for high  success chance.)
On every plus you will gain a 10% damage bonus, rounded down. Eg. 25/30 wep will gain 25*10%=2.5=2 so +1 of that will be 27/30. However, the next plus, formula is applied again on BASE stats (25/30) so at +2 we have: 25*20%=5 so wep will be 30/30. (Not 29/30 as when you add 10% rounded down again) So keep in mind that leftovers carry over plusses but will only be added when them reach 1. (0.9 will still be discarded)
You will gain skill from plussing a weapon up to 10.0 skill over the required skill. Eg. While plussing brekkars to +1 you can gain skill up to 70.0 (60.0 needed) - this needs more testing but looks to be true from observation.
Stoning a weapon will raise a weapon's lvl if dmg raised or delay reduced. However adding effect to a weapon can lower its lvl as some weps have their lvl rounded up.(eg. brood laser is lvl50 but when stoned with effect will change to lvl49)
Quantum stone - reduces tech needed by 33%
Infusion stone - reduces tech needed by 50%
You can plus a higher tech weapon by adding one quant/infusion stone into the fab: wep wep kit quant. Eg. you need 64 tech to plus Bxirs but you only have 50.0 skill. When you add the quant stone, your new tech requirement will be 64-(64*33%) or 64*0.67 for easier math = 42.0. Success smile
You cannot use quant/infusion stones to stoning fabs, only to plus.
Always keep in mind that for a tech 50.0 fabrication, if you have 50.0 skill, your success chance is 80%. You can raise this chance with intelligence stat (every 5 INT adds 1%) or with stats on weapons (new fabs) but will never be higher than 95% for plussing.
Stoning success chance can go up to 100% and it is the same for all items regardless their lvl(boosted for items under lvl30). Eg. you have 50.0 skill and 40 INT. Stoning a weapon lvl50 or a weapon lvl142 have the same success rate = 50% from skill + 40/5 from int = 50+8 = 58%.
If you plus a weapon then stone it, you can still plus it further. Note: on more plussing, bonus added will still be the one from original weapon, not from stoned weapon.
New fabrication weapons are divided in 2: ammo based (launcher and bay) and energy based (all others).
Ammo based: ballistic framework + launcher/bay mold + conduit + skill
Energy based:  molecular coil + beam/disser/bolt mold + conduit + skill
Skill added is optional.
You have to match weapon's core lvl with the conduit.
Skill have an increase of 15 lvls for every +1 skill. Eg. if you want to add +3 tactics on a new weapon, that will require weapon core+conduit to be higher than lvl45 (because +3 tactics require 3*15= at least lvl45).
Skills for weapons drop only from bosses as of now.
You cannot add wep cores or skills to already existing weps, only create new ones with them.
Tech skill needed to make new fabs is generally wep cores lvl +5. (Eg. For wep core lvl53 you need 58 tech).


All rules from weapons (plussing and stoning) apply to systems too.
While plussing systems, all stats existing on an item will get a 10% increase. Eg. Dread plate: 25sa 25off 2 rech 10def. +1 will be 27sa 27off 2 rech 11 def. At +2 we have 30sa 30off 2rech 12def. So, to gain 1rech more, we need the plate at +5(for the 0.2 increase per plus to add on plate).
Plussing cloaks will decrease cloaking time by 5%. Eg. Cloak 10sa cloak100 will be at +1 11sa cloak95.
Pick your systems wisely as 4 stats items cannot be stoned.
New fabs: sys mold + conduit + sys attrib
You can add up to 4 attribs to a newly created system, tho them must be all uniques (eg. you cannot add 2 hull attribs to same item).
You have to match highest sys attrib's lvl with the conduit. (Eg. comp mold + sys attrib lvl30 + sys attrib lvl48 + conduit lvl41-51).
You have to match all sys attribs location with mold. (Eg. You cannot add an attrib that has location sensor to a computer).
  You cannot add sys attribs to already existing systems, only create new ones.
Tech skill needed is generally highest sys attrib's used lvl +5. (Eg. Attribs 20/34/60, we take into account the lvl60 attrib so you need 65 tech).

You can try all fabrications with lower tech skill in the hope of skill gain, not recommended if you wish to keep the end product, as success chances will be lower.

To be updated.


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Before i start, you should understand that these builds are from my point of view, them are not set in stone, other people's views may differ.

Offensive build

Race: Terrix
Stats: at least 30 strength, all the rest in dexterity.
Systems: anything with offense
Weapons: preferable stoned weapons (need blistering steel and poisonous cloud)

At start, this is pretty much all around engineer, not so much of systems/weapons choice. Once you hit 70 tho, you should start farming for money, boss as much as you can for items. ( Items you are after: Paokivs Eye, Dread Plates, Qi Yol, To Dru, Tri Wo, Lun Gi, Xen Ra stones)
Sensor: best sensor for the SA and offense is the Paokivs Eye, good as it is if you can't plus/stone it with more SA/offense/haste, your choice.
Plates: this is tricky, as you need the offense from the Dread plates but also you need hull for survivability ( yes you can repair yourself for 500+ but you need a hull base too ). The higher SA, the better, this will increase damage mitigation and your hull. (1 SA = 3 hull) My suggestion is , go for 2 SA/hull/hull regen plates ( umbrals ) and 2 Dread plates. You can stone later the umbrals with some more SA/offense/HR or haste.
Computer: Look for a SA13+ alien computer, preferable blue, with SA/offense/HR on it, or SA/offense/defense. Same as plates, you can add later SA/off/HR/haste .
Electronic Warfare: same as computer, if no suitable one found, go for Malixs or Shades for the SA/def, stone later for stats of your liking.
Shield: this is a tricky one. If you go solo, you'll want a SA/shields and another stat, most common is defense. This you can stone later with some offense, have it handy when you go alone. For PVP/bossing, you'll want a brick to use as shield. There SA/def shields, stone them as high as you can with SA.
Weapons: for this build, you'll go with 3 plasmas and 1 launcher. Brood launcher is fine , try to get it high plus and stone, leave the effect illusionary foes, good as it is. One of the plasmas can be brekkar plasma, casts poisonous cloud , a crew eater. The other 2 plasmas, can be brood plasmas for the +rep skill, you need them plussed and stoned. One with Qi Yol, you are trying to get the blistering steel effect(pretty much like Burn) and the other one with To Dru , you're looking after Mending Aura (like Tech Advice).

  Your goal stats are around at least 180SA, 200 offense base, with highest HR you can get too.
Mainly your weapons will debuff your enemy (BS, PC, IF) while your offense ensures every shot hits. One of the important stats to stick on your systems is haste, at 100 haste your weps hit 50% quicker (eg. a 30/30 bp will hit like 30/15 ) so it improves your build even more for higher DPS.

Defensive/Regenerating Build

Race: Kalarix or Tekorus
Stats: At least 30 str , all rest dexterity
Systems: Anything with defense
Weapons: Preferable stoned (Armored Aura, Steel Aura, Mending Aura)

One of the easiest builds (and slowest to level) as most systems come with defense  (especially alien ones). So you may gear up and improve as you level. At 70, you'll be able to tank/kill almost anything beside bosses and alike.
Sensor: You are after a high SA/defense/HR sensor, most probably you'll find some SA/def alien one and stone it later with SA/def/HR.
Plates: There are some nice SA35/def alien plates which you can improve even further with SA/def/HR , or you could go for umbrals (HR ones) and stone them with defense.
Computer: Same as sensor, also you could use Brood Brain Mk2 or Torlixe ( high plus desired )
Electronic Warfare: Best i've seen suitable for this is Dreadnaught Augment ( SA20 Hull80 Defense60 ) but you'll do fine with either Shades Wings or Malixs Guide ( for the SA/def ) , if not, any alien EW with enough SA/def.
Shield: Get one of those High SA/def, you're not worried much about shields as you'll be able to stand your ground and repair smile
Weapons: As you're not looking for high DPS , you want anything with repair skill on them ( brood plasmas or skars ), skars are fine with their own cast ( force blast ), BP's on the other hand , you can improve. Use qi yol stones on them , look for Armored Aura ( kind of Fortify ) and Steel Aura (like Flame Barrier). Also Mending Aura will help with the regens ( as you have your Tech Advice and at later tiers you're getting Hull regen too from the secondary TKR class ).

This build benefit greatly from the SA/def and regens, you're aiming at SA200 and defense300 base ( easy achievable, only from 4 good alien plates you should have SA140 and defense160 ). You'll need alot of patience as you're taking your time to kill any mob, up to 20mins from my experience smile But you'll do the job. Also at bosses, you'll be the one keeping the merc alive, you won't die as much as others.

General build

Race: Tekorus
Stats: at least 30 str, rest goes to dexterity
Systems: Best SA, off/def
Weapons: Mix of offensive/defensive effects

If you want a well rounded engineer, this should be best to pick, as no matter what you equip ( emphasize SA ) you'll be fine. Race is best Tekorus for the regens, you need all your hull back at all times. Good for solo and bossing alike.
Sensor: could go straight for paokivs eye, if not , get some SA/off/def sensor.
Plates: have a mix of offense/defense plates, as well some hull regen/haste.
Computer: you can find some high sa/hull/HR/offense/defense aliens, any 3-4 stats would do, high SA preferable.
Electronic Warfare: again the SA, you need the damage mitigation to get the most out of reps, so i recommend Shades/Malixs or any SA/def alien with some HR stoned.
Weapons: Best combo would be 1 Skars, 1 brekkar plasma, 1 BP/Skars stoned with Mending or Armored Aura, 1 BP/Skars stoned with Blistering Steel. ( So you will get some good buffs and able to debuff the mobs as well)

Engineers benefit alot from Poisonous Cloud, leaving mobs crewless gives you the upper hand: they won't be able to hit you back (only at tick regen) and they take more damage. So have your brekkar plasma ready. It is advisable to have extra systems available so you can tweak your char for your needs ( more offense/regen when going solo, more defense/regen when going bossing).


At lower levels, you'll have a hard time leveling solo so it is advised to level grouped. The Mk1 Droid is not much help, dies quick and the timer is big, leaves you with no repair/heal option. Around lvl40 you begin do to better, can solo from now on all the way to 70. Still slow but nothing is perfect. Watch your crew, you should have medicine up to repair's level, most of the time you should link 1 repair then 1 heal again and again.


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Ok, so you decided to play Hostile Space Revived. Welcome smile
After you installed the client and created your brand new character, it is time to connect to the server.
First contact
Your game loaded up for the first time, it might be a bit confusing but let's see it step by step:

- you are prompted to choose a class, which are as follows:

    - Pyrokinetic - Psionic class, good damage, most spells are for improved damage ( and a defensive spell ), needed for bossing
    - Telekinetic - Psionic class, moderate damage, very useful for his ability to greatly increase ship armor and gather group members, a must for bossing
    - Telepath    - Psionic class, good damage, crowd control abilities, regenerating spells, highest entity ( companion ) in game, moderately needed for bossing
    - Mercenary   - Power class, your regular tank, moderate damage, it has increased hull and crew, a must for bossing
    - Engineer    - Power class, healer, low damage, pretty much keeps anyone alive, a must for bossing
    - Smuggler    - Power class, good damage dealer, ability to cloak and ambush ( best 1 hit damage ), bit squishy, moderately needed for bossing

- you are prompted to choose a race:
- Eschar - power regen bonus ( good for power classes, especially smuggler, otherwise not recommended )     
- Terrix - offense bonus ( good for damage dealer builds, all classes )
- Gi'pok - crew regen bonus ( good for bossing characters, esp. mercenary and engineers )
- Human  - psi regen bonus ( good for psi classes, if you plan to keep fighting without stops )
- Kalarix- defense bonus ( good for all classes, defensive builds, esp. mercenary, engineer)
- Tekorus- hull regen bonus ( good for all classes, regenerative builds, esp.engineer)

- you are prompted to choose a faction, only one active right now, so can't miss it tongue
- choose an avatar you like.
At all times, your ship will be in the center of the screen, top-down view (yes, this is a top-down view game).
On the lower part of the screen, you'll see the HUD, where you can find all types of info about your ship, skills, commands, psions and
also game settings. ( You can show/hide this HUD at any time by pressing TAB or shift+I )

Ship tab:

Left side: you see your ship, with slots for weapons and systems.
Middle side: there is the cargo of your ship, where you
carry items while navigating around. Now you can see couple weapons and fuel there( hydrogen ) as well as some ammo. Try and equip them,
see which item goes where on the slots. ( As of now, you can only equip 2 weapons).
Middle right: If you select one item, on the right side of the cargo you will see information about that item. Read it to learn about it.
Far right of your HUD you will see a scanner, which shows you at all times surrounding ships and points of interest ( docking locations, looks like flashing red rectangles).
Enemy ships are marked with red triangles, friendly ones with white.
( If in close enough range, you can select them on the scanner, the info available will appear on the info screen where
you studied your items). Click on the Scanner button to activate it.
Info tab:
Here you will find all your available (or not) skills.
On the left side: you see information about your character, including class/race you already picked.
Wealth you earn as you sell items, it is always noted in the 50k0 format ( that means 50.000), eg. 2million credits will be 2000k0.
Under you see your main stats, strength, intelligence and dexterity. These ones you will never be able to change so choose wisely.
Strength - affects how much crew you gain per level, chance to interrupt an enemy and be interrupted by one. ( Important: if you run out of crew, your weapons won't fire and you won't be able to cast any ability )
Intelligence- affects how much psi you gain per level (mana in other games), affects skill gain rate, affects fabrication (crafting) chance of success (1% chance gain for every 5 int stats)
Dexterity - adds offense/defense per stat point.

You may want to read specific class/builds guides (coming soon) before raising those stats or just go for it if you know what you want.
Middle: Here are your character skills, based on your class choice.

Actions tab:
Here you will find all your available commands and psions.
White ones are not consuming any energy, blue ones are power consuming, pink ones are psi consuming.
White are the same for all characters, only ones that differ from class to class are blue and pink.
As you level up and increase your skills from the info tab, more actions will be available.
Options tab:
You can turn different options on and off here. ( Hint: leave shouting channel always on, so you can interract with others via general chat )
Quit tab: pretty obvious.
Take your time and learn the HUD, it will help you alot thru your HSR journey.
On the top right side of the screen you will see regenerating bars (power,hull,psi,crew) and your avatar. As you play the game, always
keep an eye on these bars so you can time your actions right (and not end up dead) tongue
Top middle, there a live ping bar (bugged) and under it you will see at times the coordonates you are flying to.
Between the ping bar and your avatar, there is an experience bar where you can track your leveling progress.
You can move around with the WASD keys or with the mouse: hold both buttons pressed and move mouse.(hold right click first then hold left click)
Pressing Num Lock will auto fly towards the direction your ship is pointing. Press Num Lock again to stop.
If at times you get stuck in a wall, hold Shift key then right click some free spot to move.
If map fails to load, try using the /reload command.
Before you can type anything, you must press Enter every time you wish to do so, then again Enter to send the command.
There are several channels to communicate with others:
- shout channel, use /s text eg. /s Hi, i'm new here
- auction channel, /a text
- faction channel, /f text
- clan channel, /c text (only after you are invited in a clan or created your own one)
For private conversations, use /tell nickname text , also for quick reply to last message you received, use /r text
For a list of players online , use /who , for those you can group with , use /whogroup
If you want to see which players are connecting (maybe you are waiting for a friend) use /chan connect on
Now that you've learned a bit about the interface and exchanged some words with other people, it's time to fight smile
Check again the Cargo tab, see if you have weapons equipped and other systems. If you equipped a launcher too, be sure to equip the
missiles too (launchers and fighter bays require ammo to function). After the red timers on them finish, press Shift+P or type /powerall to power them up.
You are located now in the starting academy. To find the first enemies, navigate up while keeping an eye on the scanner for the red triangles (turn it on if you haven't yet).
All weapons and abilities have a certain range so choose your enemy, right click on it. If your weapons are not firing, try getting closer and/or hold right click bit longer
on the enemy. (You need to face target to shoot)
Weapons alone won't do much against enemies, so go to Actions tab, select a blue or pink action (left click once on it) then press a number from 1 to 8. That will assign the
action to the actions bar above the HUD. You will be able to use it in fight by pressing the corresponding number. If you are not sure what an action does, you can use
/ask action (eg. /ask fire bolt, /ask fortify etc). Now try an enemy again, see if it goes easier smile
Using actions (abilities) will increase your skills, so everytime you see one skill going to a round number ( eg. You improved in Pyrokinesis(3.0) ) check back the Actions tab to see
if you received any new ability. (them will appear top most of the list, scroll up to check)
Assessing mob difficulty:
There are different mobs around, some of them easier for you to kill, some harder or impossible. Most of them are level based, so if you press F1 (that will select self) you will see in
the info window your level, try not to go for mobs higher than 2-3 levels above yours. (You can see your level in the Info tab too, left side under your class)
Try selecting a mob with your mouse, left click on it. Mob info will appear in the info window, study it. You will see mob's power,crew,shields,hull and level.
Now, if you press the Alt key (or F10), a coloured ring will appear around the mob. That colour has some importance as follows:
- green - very easy to kill mob, yields no experience
- light green - easy , very little experience
- blue - moderate easy, little experience
- white - normal, decent experience (normal means you are in the right level range, there will be times when white mobs will kill you easily if your ship is not decently equipped so be careful)
- golden - moderate hard, good experience
- red - very hard, very good experience
The experience bar is divided in 1024 points, so mobs give you experience as follows: blue-35,white-50,golden-65,red-80. (eg. you need to kill 21 white mobs to earn a level, compared to only 13 red ones)

PS: need to tweak it, so any suggestions are welcome


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Crashed again?


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14/34 molecular coil
  atomic conduit - lvl 101-110
  beam mould

Result was : Atomic beam 14/34 item 21879 , cpx0    <-- bug ?

Edit: Should not allow you to use high lvl conduit with low lvl weapon core.


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Molecular coil (14/34) - no lvl specified on it
Skill: +1 precision     - no lvl specified on it
Beam mould        - no lvl specifed on it
Atomic conduit     - lvl 101-110
Fab together, what i get : This class attribute can be used on weapons "higer" than lvl 15.

If instead i use another skill, +2 let's say,  ----> than lvl 30.

Now, if instead it would say: "You need molecular coil in 11-20 range AND conduit in 11-20 range AND skill in 11-20 range." and have levels on weapons core and skill, will actually give you more hints/guide you better.
Also, say i get the right weapon core and i try again to fab them ... will i expect a new error saying that conduit is too high? And so on ? Will take a while to get all fabs right tongue

Edit: Found higher lvl weapon cores with lvl on them. ( Then had just to match that lvl with the right conduit lvl )
Edit: Recipe asks for correct conduit lvl.

PS: Guess i wasn't checking into it more , still skill needs the lvls on ( beside just knowing 1 skill for every 15 lvls )


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Note to myself: need to read conduits lvls tongue
Still not happy with the locations restrictions, can't you minimize it with some kind of new location that matches more ? as in:
def any = port+fore+sb+aft ---> location: any big_smile

Still good as it is, only that we'll need a table/guide once it's implemented on the regular server.


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Molecular coils / ballistic frameworks - all good, works ok.
Now about the system part: magnetic flux, ablative skin, biokinetic nanites, tesla capacitor comes with location restriction ... which will widely overload/complicate the fabs. I understand you added restrictions to prevent having shields on all plates/systems, right? How about adding restrictions only on the special type of stat that you want to be locked for a location? ( eg. only for shields to have location: shield )
Also when tried to fab with a higher lvl conduit, it said that i need a different conduit for a lvl15 item. Can it specify which one ? ( eg. "you need a simple conduit for that" , like it specifies kit needed for plussing when activate )


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I think you can only use one type of +skill per wep. More or less 1 type of each part per fab.


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Would be much easier just to have grades on all parts, this way can just match them instead going blind trial&error. This way you can also grade the +skill parts ( eg. +1 , +2 , +3 , +4 , +5 skill depending on lvl of the essence or what's its name ).
  Also cores can be 5 types so you can actually just flood your locker with parts tongue


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Kayous wrote:

to prove  your own hypocracy and ignorance. Makes it easier for me to flame/troll you. Thank you.

And of course the hyprocracy I posted about earlier:

Hypocracy - What Democracy turns into when all of the politicians in your country are liars.

If you meant Hypocrisy, stop using big words to look smarter.

And while your comments are noted, you only make a fool of yourself writing with such fervor and hate. Not trying to educate you, that is not my job, only trying to say that if you temperate yourself a bit, will only be for the greater good ( yours, humanity, who knows ).


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We really need some Terms & Conditions. You know what i mean Kayous.


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Woohoo, sexy big_smile Thank you

As title says, msg me in game for prices, we can work it out depending how many you got / want to farm / etc


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Ok killed both mistresses, these are the drops , alien weapons:

49/48 cpx51 beam
44/43 cpx51 bolt
65/63 cpx52 launcher

Considering them dropped by high lvl mobs and stats are around brood weapons , without cast and without skill, them pretty much useless. Can get better with less hassle smile IMHO them should be upped a bit, cast blistering steel ( so them will be sought after , making a nice pair along with brekkars casting pc ) also add skill, just like brekkars.

That being said, next time a mistress be killed to drop a 60/43 cpx 70 bolt  will be more like a good weapon. Or why not, even faster weps, like 49/30 or w/e.

Just my sugesstion smile


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Can add on both, most people are equipping only skill weps, unless alien have really good stats to let go the skill bonus from the other weps.


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Uh uh you really are fast smile
What you mean by basic alien weaponery ?


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Now you just want to get a firm grip of me smile
Guess it's time to share my free time 50-50 between SWTOR and HS.

I tip my hat to you.

That is just perfect, all the info needed there smile Good job.


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No thanks smile


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Buying Sovereign Disruptors - 50k ea