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This works out perfectly, very progressive for the future of HSR.


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Welcome back bro! Glad to have your back with us!


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since smugs is nerfed can we have exits back in bb rooms? it gets annoying when we go in and gota clear first, thank you, 1


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Wow, nice, can't wait to how this plays out in next group with der smugzzz


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ALOT better! thank you!


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looks sxy!


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thers a few of us vet players who started back again


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TEC is not currently recruiting, but we are still looking for certain people, who are veterans to the game, and able to contribute to the clan. Podolski is Guild Leader, as for the moment Quicksilver is Acting Guild Leader, and there are multiple people who are Vets in TEC what the prospects are.

Thank You For Your Time,



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Supa why is server down? And when will it be back up again, thanks, and thank you for the other day helping me out, hope to hear from you soon. big_smile