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Supanova wrote:

I can lower prices of salvage kits though.

it is something. smile


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Since the chars are mainly copied from server to server, not everyone have the needed fab skill (or do they?), why not change every char's fab skills to max. It wont change anything in the main server. smile
Also add all items to the dock on low price... I guess you want us to test it and see if it breaks instead of wasting hours raising skills and money on a test server...


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What about debuff with HUGE timeout and no countermeasure?


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Oh... it would be good if you list all the lua functions existing at the moment... Then we will be able to think of new ones.
For example...

Just the names we don't exactly need the whole function.


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Pretty pretty please. big_smile


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Will there be option to change the background with simple black color?


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We can provide ideas, (which we did) and we can even create own quests, which is the main reason for my suggestion. Of course it is not a problem to post ideas here, but it will require some time from the game developers to build the quests we outlined. So... I just want to have the script tools in my hand, so I can see how it will behave. big_smile


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Single person quests are much more simple and believe me, once someone script my quest... the rest will be piece of cake. smile


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As you can see, there are lots of people willing to participate... Please think abut us. smile
Also... include ALL possible fabbing materials in the test server. Decrease the price, so it is affordable and everyone can test.


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The princess of Nashira has been kidnapped. The king of Nashira is offering a RiKra (yeah baby) to any willing captains.
There is a Monster (A spider lvl 100) near Hadar. You have to be grouped with at least 3 different classes. You have to defeat it without dyeing. (tities and drones are counted as casualties as well)

Once defeated (with normal alien drop) it will drop a keys (one for each person in the grp) for a base in Sulafat (or random planet)
You can't hyperspace, because the key drops. Selfdestruct is also not an option as it will cause the quest to fail (one person died)

The base in Sulafat is full of high lvl-no-experience-mobs (lvl 70-80) and a silencer (or protector) dropping the keys for the summer house of the spider. And of course as you have guessed the summer house is located near Markab. Again not teleporting... pure navigation.

The summer house contains one boss (lvl 110-120) and drops a "princess" which shall be delivered back to Nashira. smile

As I can see this quest will take at least 1-3 hours, so the stone obtained should be quite valuable.

You can make the planet sell all stones, but you can buy only one...


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Somewhere in the galaxy, a planet is selling 1 Um Dro... big_smile


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I have no idea of Lua as well, but I am eager to give it a try.

For example all three outposts in the lower part of the SB could be linked to a text field, so editing the text will affect them directly. Or something like HELP or LISA.


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is it possible... on the test server for example, to create several chars sitting in SB and some way of reading script from here or from a custom page, so we can test the script behaviour?

I am quite curious what will happen when I put my thinking hat wink


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Since you can't be online 24/7 (it is not necessary) Add password protected reset button and give it to someone who is online most of the time.
Just a suggestion.


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Will catalisium add thrust in the future?


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1 hour is perfectly fine, for character creation as well... after all if reducing the time will consume large amounts of Admin's time, I am perfectly fine waiting 1 hour, if that will allow new implementations to be added faster.


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Dude... deletion of 15 minutes even 1 hour is perfectly fine... At least for me. Unless this really bothers you internally. big_smile
In that case, please yourself i say.


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Common sense... reducing the keyboard repeat rate is there... however it counts as "unfair advantage".  Sorry if noone thought of that. It seems I have some advantage. big_smile

P.S. No offense meant.


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Btw if you set the keyboard repeat rate to low. You can simply stick a coin and get away. (yeah bandwidth usage is normal)

This is not exactly "unfair advantage", unless you include the fact that some people can't think.

BUT since this is server maintained by you, we will stick to your rules. Just please state them.


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Dude, last part is a mess...

Now we wait for the molds smile