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rothferd wrote:

also very confused by this, please elaborate. and also, how do you drop a clan when you're the leader, or how do you delete a clan?



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To me it seems that the high tiered users complain about this because it was their work-around for a large exp decrease for high tiers.
I created a spreadsheet based on the following information provided by you earlier today.

- XP Points: Blue = 30 White = 50 Gold = 65 Red = 80
- XP needed per level = 1024
- XP conversion to decrease tiered XP = 75 * 50 / (36*Tier)

The spreadsheet should give some insight in how this formula affects actual leveling speed. Obviously I haven't accounted for other factors that affect leveling speed such as kill speed and the 'xp downtime' for possible deaths etc.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc … WM3c#gid=0