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You mean to tell me if we had over 200sa or 200def it didnt matter? or is stat meaning stats? as in str dex or int?


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Theres still the chance of the regular quests spawning high-lvl fighter mini bosses. Managed to get it down to 97pct though.

So is it worth the effort to get a group in order to kill it?


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Supanova wrote:

If it's so unfair now, maybe we should roll back then.

I'll quit. Just going to say that, that's all. My reasonings are my own.


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Everything with the Artifacts was tested and worked properly.

The recovering thing supa is aware of, he fixed it on the local server just hasnt updated it to the test server.

The dodge rate of mobs was tested and is fairly accurate now.
The dmg of the weps is now more fair now, just supa didnt put a dmg cap on, but is in a sense fixed.

And the tiered grouped were tested and was accurate, a t9 and a t3 got same exp for whosever kill it was.


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The entitys level does increase, when I had 62 path skill (no path weps) my ents lvl raised by 6.
With 2 broods, 2 breks (+14 path skill + 62 = 76) my ents lvl raised by 7.
But the hull/shields/crew did not increase.


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Evolve does increase by 10pt with the modified skill. Except the entitys hull/shields/crew do not scale.

With PvP on, clicking the drydock crashes the server = p, please put back up.

Edit 1: Drydock doesn't heal with pvp on , so good
Evade assault berserk retreat do override with no /status problems.
Dodge does increase when being attacked
/guard now does correctly remove ents aggro.

Edit 2: Players below level 15, my weapons hit 90percent of the time, made kills easy, but thats what we want for new players.
With my level 15 char, killing was slow and boring again = p

As far as resistance, with the lvl 15 char casting on mobs 10-12, 7/10 casts landed.

Edit 3: Levels of conduits and fab parts are not dropped together in the same system. In example: level 29 fab parts are dropping with 31-41 conduit (Optic)


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Um well titanium sells for 10 i know that much lol
Ok I won't jack it anymore!


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250 piercer is production cost of 1.5k?
titanium = 10 wealth each = 2.5k
aluminum = 1 wealth each = 250
hydrogren = free from ramscooping!

Production cost of 2.75k

(Not to mention failed fabrications)