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still down sad


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Maybe make it so you can play either way if possible... like a mode selection in the launcher its self??? or would it be to hard to put both styles on the same client and run smoothly?
Personally I like the old style but if this is the future of hostile space then I will follow it but im just putting in my 2 cents about the matter. big_smile
Other then that congratz guy and keep up the great work! You guys have come so far and this is really amazing and im glad to be a part of it.

TNT - True Natural Tyrants

Founder - iGod/iRep

This is a new and upcoming clan. I have played back when Blitz was in charge and have recently found it again. I have 2 chars and a good amount of knowledge of this game as well. If you are new to the game and thinking about getting serious or if you are just looking for a change you can post a request here or /t (iGod or iRep) in game.