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Yea, really should update this more often....

Epic and Rare loot will now roll on a per item basis.
Improved mob AI to reduce chance of flying into walls. (still not 100%)
Stopped mini bosses summoning a boss.
Bosses can now summon anything in the area. Regardless of mob type.

2 new Loot tables added that use a chance to drop ( 1 in X).
Added a fallback if an instanced area has no valid exit anchor.
New area added with loot and boss.
Several fixes in order to get new tilesets to play nice.

Allows gather group to bypass combat timer cooldowns.

Fixes timer and level not being reset on reused instances.

Timmer added to instances and starts as soon as a player enters.
Time it takes to kill a boss now announced.
Suffix added to boss names on announcing their death to indicate a Hardcore boss death.
Fixes cloak stat on salvage with no salvagers redemption. (This is a 4-5 year old exploit that just got found).

Fixes damage done by summons.
Fixes high level evolved path entity damage.

Fixes bosses doing reduced damage.
Fixes entity damage.

Further difficulty increase of mobs abover level 190.

Increased mob damage of level 270+.

Fixed traps not functioning correctly in boosted instances.
Combat timer cooldown increased when in instanced areas.

Fixed item level boosting.
Increased mob difficulty.

Hardcore mode implemented.
All enemies and items in instances will get a 200 level increase when hardcore mode is enabled.
Defence attribute now generate a small damage mitigation bonus.
Tactics will now generate a small damage mitigation bonus.
High level Upgrade and Salvage kits added to high level boss drops.
Capped timers on high level mob actions.

Removed truncation issue with DPS by re calculating weapon delays directly, and not using truncated delays found on weapons.

Fixed item searches with skill attributes.
Fixed item skill attribute not correctly upgrading.
Fixed legacy tileset image counts, and other related issue.
2 new stones added that reduce weapon damage, and increase weapon delay.
The stones can be purchased from a planet....
Items with 4 attributes may now be enchanted.
Adding a 5th attribute is not allowed.

725 - 738:-
Lots of "under the hood" stuff for upcoming features.

Summoned mobs will no longer randomize their level.
Buying a new hull now only requires the removal of weapons, and not systems.

Reduced time between weapons fire.

Any weapon that's ready to fire will now fire, and not wait in turn one at a time per tick.

Fixed crew not being updated correctly on clients when a change in max crew occurs.

Raised level cap for evolved entities.
Fixed engy mobs not repairing the most damage ship near by.
Attempted to fix group details not being sent correctly when relogging.

Cast speed attribute now available.
Regen speed attribute now available.
Regen percentile modifier attribute now available.
All 3 new attributes can be salvaged.
All 3 new attributes have a chance to drop attribute parts and on be present on aliens.
Named and Hero mob chance increased.
New Elite mob added.
Removed alien item level cap from mobs.  (Was capped to 70).
Elite mobs give a +10 to item level for aliens.
Named mob hull increased.
Bosses alien item level cap raised to +20 from +10.
Base cast speed increased.
All Base regen amounts increased.

All weapons including mobs now fire 3 times faster.
Mob damage tweaked to compensate (may need more tweaking).
Added missing gem from drop table.
Re enabled certain network thread locks to stop race conditions. (probably not related to the bug I've been chasing for years)
Fixed cloak attributes never reaching above level 30.

Ambush damage tweaked further.
Combat timer increased.

The level of Might, Hellfire and Inferno will now be used in damage calculations, and not the level of the player randomly casting it.

Fixes decoy and droid summons, my bad.

Increased haste on tekkite plates.
Fixed Might not working correctly.
Items 5379, 5380 and 5383 have been edited to include a +3 skill attribute.
Increased the damage hide gives when ambushing.
Increased the aggro generated by provoke.
All summons should now be effected by Amplify.

Doubled the chance of provoke landing a critical roll.
2 player groups will no longer kick out the remaining player when the leader disconnects.
Summons will now teleport to their master over a certain distance, regardless of /stay command.

Fixed amplify rules not being applied to summon.
Buff values are now caped based on a percentile generated from level differences, but does not apply to players in groups, the full amount will always be applied.
Mobs buff timers will now tick when players are not near by.


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Fixed /calcweapon not showing current plus stage correctly.
Fixed /calcweapon not showing next plus stage correctly.
Fixed letter spacing of a few characters.
Group button now always at top of group list, and no longer moves.
Tweaks too shops to ensure item in last cargo slot is displayed.


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Added Um dro and Ri kra stones too /calcweapon.
Moved aggro window so it doesn't interfere with buff list.
Buff entries are no longer deleted, but reused.


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Fixed all summons only having 2 or 3 weapons at low levels.
Item time before vanishing increased.
Fixed several issues with amplify being casted by mobs, and not making use of it.
Fixed an issue with mobs not casting psions correctly when not attacking.


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Fixed Tactical strike not applying damage to crew. (Been broke since the day it was first implemented).
All systems below level 11 will now be set to level 1.
Several attempts to stop duplicate items appearing.
Another attempt to stop mining quests killing off asteroid before quest completes.
Fixed item editor not handling weapon data correctly.


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Fixes some default actions disappearing from action bar.
Fixed upgrade window not using correct positions for items.
Fixes several GUI errors showing "Unknown" for fighter type weapons.
Fixes recover action reporting as "unknown command".
Fixed default actions like Hyperspace, Map, Heal, etc. not being shown.
Ensured screenshots are taken after everything has been drawn.
Screenshots will now only be taken if window has focus.


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Action widgets now handled better.
Direct attacks now shown in red and from all ships, not just those that belong to the client.
Tooltip help added to empty action slots to.
Music and sound volumes should now be saved correctly.


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Drastically reduced bandwidth when skills are improved during combat.
Direct attacks sent to client correctly.
Skills now sent individually when a change happens, (9 bytes instead of 276 for every skill point change).
Flags sent to tell clients to prepare for new action list data.


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10 more action slots added activated via the use of the "Shift" key.
Moved action slots to appear just above the ships main panel.
All 30 action slots will now appear at once.
Action slots activated via the use of Ctrl or Shift now display "C" or "S" respectively.
The Action list in the main GUI now displays if the action has an assigned hot key correctly, using the above same format.
Moved a few GUI elements around to make space for all the above changes.


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Warning added to combine to ensure all quantities of stacks match.
Increased Burn duration and considerably increased the reduction in hull regeneration.
Minimum damage for all direct attacks set to skill level/5, unless fully resisted.
Cost of Slam reduced.
Decoy reduced to level 26.
Direct attacks will now act like critical hits to make them more visible.
Psionic Amplifier (ID 5300) has been rebalanced.
TX weaponry added to academy.
Reduced the value of low level items.
Message added to inform players how long the combat timer will last when attempting to recover.
NOTE:- Combat timer lasts a lot longer if you don't attempt to recover.
Fixed quests script not returning 1 to indicate command had been handled resulting in ("unknown command").
Reduced the variation in mob levels in areas below level 15.
Fixed players not loading correctly.
Fixed psi regneration when players had a target set.
Fixed shields not regnerating during combat.


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Client errors due to loss of connection, or unable to connect, will now open a new window where help is available and the chance to restart the client, and no longer just quit client.


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Due to a massive oversight, I decided it was a good idea to expand one of the structs that contain a lot of ship data like hull crew psi etc etc.

What I didn't realise is that this data is actually saved to file (god knows why tbh),  so, effectively, I was loading in more data than was originally saved, totally corrupting the save files.

All fixed now, yet another reason why we need to get a proper DB up and running.


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Fixed high level buffs being applied at the level of the caster, and not target.
Removed low regen rates whilst players are in combat.
Increased combat timer for players.
Minimum regeneration set to 1 for hull crew and psi.
Regeneration now re-calibrated when combat timer expires.
Fixed mobs having more weapons than they should.
Fixed ships not re-calibrating regeneration rates when entering and leaving combat.
Combat timer is applied to ships regardless if a hit or miss.
Fixed yet another cause of the "not facing" bug.
The effects of truncation in regeneration are now properly compensated for.
All weapons below level 15 have had delays drastically reduced and damage rebalanced.
Fixed combat being allowed in safe zone areas.
Reduced cooldown of safe zone too 10 seconds.


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Edited regeneration tooltips in status window to clarify what is happening over a 10 second period.


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Fixed code to change players names.
Fixed item 20001 being used as a ship hull.
Correct mob position is now sent to clients if a mob is disabled mid movement.
The above change should fix issues related to "not facing target" and disable.
Also applied the above tweak to stun, as I suspect the same is possible there.
Fixed a bug that made all bufs saved to a player be recast at max level upon player load.
Power reduced to just 10 when using /hs /hyperspace.
Removed the 70 shields from Oblivion Bulwark (5425).
Exposed all regeneration values to /status to show the exact amount of regeneration is being calculated.
The above also changes when recovering, the effects of fuel, recharge skill and meditation skill.
ALL regeneration amounts shown in /status will now be the exact values ships receive over a 10 second period.
Regeneration still "ticks" every second, so the value shown in /staus is divided by 10 and given per "tick".
Increased base regeneration bonuses based on players level.
Increased mob peace time regeneration.
Increased the effects of meditate skill on psionics regeneration.
Increased the effects of power regeneration.
1 point of extra regeneration per tick is now given to compensate for truncation.
Fixed mobs not ageing.
Fixed false positive for name change.


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PvP penalties are now only applied when actual PvP occurs or entering a PvP arena.
Increased base regen amounts.
Increased all regen effectiveness.
Fixed droids shields not turning on.


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Nah, evolve does not "re-spawn" the entity, so it wont attempt to cast anything.

Technically, entities have no class skills, only until a path ent is evolved do they get a skill assigned.


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Removed "VOKING!" debug message that indicated merc mob was casting provoke
Removed internal profiler which was resulting in 80ms ticks, now back to 8ms a tick.
Removed debug messages from spamming log.
$who now shows average time server spends sleeping per game tick.
Acceleration is now a level 45 Navigation psion.
Stun and disable, when removed, should now send correct time to clients.
Players ship should now display stun and disable timers.
Fixed forced decloak message when a cloaked ship has been attacked.
Only the group leader can now roll a /grandom.
15% bonus experience is now rewarded for player that keep on PvP.
Pvp Timer is now sent correctly to client when timer timer has been reset during combat.
Mobs will now attempt to cast a few buffs on spawn.
Mobs that are dormant will now have their buff duration timers frozen.


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Stopped GUI locking up when locker fails to open.
Fixed item tooltip to show new max cloak cap.
Added Za stone values too /clacweapon command.
Fixes actions being triggered when typing text.
Stun and disable timers will now force a re sync if deemed necessary.


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Stopped GUI locking up when locker fails to open.
Fixed item tooltip to show new max cloak cap.
Added Za stone values too /clacweapon command.


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Due to Fixing cloak item level, a minimum cloak speed of 325 has been applied.
Minimum power regen cap raised.
Fixed debuff message when recasting.
Ensured correct aggro was sent to client after stun had occurred.
Combat timer now expires much quicker when recovering.
Mercs decoy will now cast provoke every 3 seconds and follows the same resist rules as player's provoke.
More checks to make sure player is facing target correctly.
Stopped mobs trying to flee if they have no crew.
Reduced chance of summons chasing after targets through walls.
PvP buf indication can no longer be removed.


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Stun and disable timer now received and displayed accordingly.
Shift commands no longer spam host with commands if keys are held.
PvP status is now indicated as a buff.
Reduced chance of being stuck in a wall when teleported or logging in.
Fixed actions being triggered when chatting.


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Tekkite plates now give 3 haste and not 10 hull regen.
Reduced chance of gather group not finding a non blocked tile.
/grandom or /grand or /grnd will now roll a random for each player in the group.
Fixed bad "You need to face your target" condition.
Also found and fixed the same issue with ambush backstab.
Fixed low level mobs and players not regenerating hull and crew.
Fixed players with low Psi regeneration not regenerating psionics.
Reduced chance of legit clients being booted for running too fast.
Fixed server crash with heal.
Disable and stun timers are now sent to client's and displayed.
PvP status is now sent to clients as a buf.


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Fixed cloak level bug in item editor.
Updated Tactics skill tooltip data.
Updated Decoy and Droid usage in tooltips.


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Bosses will no longer summon players when stunned.
Fixed issues with power regen being applied twice.
All predefined items (like boss items) now calculate their cost based on level of items.
The above change effectively increases the time before items vanish.
Low end hulls have had a price increase to offset the increased price of many loot items.
Decoy provoke logic overhauled to use level of the decoy and a small bonus from Tactics to cast provoke on all mobs that have attacked the player.
Decoys and Droids now level up with the corresponding skill. (This removes all the mk1, mk2, etc and replaces it with one psion).
Decoys now last longer.
Decoy weaponry tweaked.
Reflexive force plates now give hull instead of psionics.
Fixed cloak level bug.