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the title says it all. i will trade well for it. pm me in game


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ive got alot of different type of brekks i dont need. so im trading a brekk for a brekk so others can get the brekks they need. with this said i need path brekks so i am accepting them but not trading them out. i hope this will allow people to get the +ed brekks they need. im not selling them just trading.


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if that were a stygian sb i would be in for that.


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things im selling.

stygian fore
stygian aft
many brekks
3 obt
things im buying

path brekks
path launchers
xo ri kra
xo tri wo
stygian sb
flux cond
av3-5 sensors
sts2-3 computers
lvl30+system attributes

msg me in game, see if we can work a deal out.