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Hostile Space Revived

Official website for Hostile Space Revived


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System requirements

Minimum (measured)

  • CPU: 1.6GHz SSE2 compatible or higher... Intel Pentium4/Atom/Core/Xeon or AMD Athlon64/Sempron/Opteron/Phenom/FX.
  • RAM: At least 1GByte.
  • HDD: ~100MByte, size can grow.
  • GPU: Any dedicated video card/onboard chip[1] from AMD/nVidia/Intel/... that supports at least OpenGL 1.0 with 32MByte VRAM or higher.
  • SND: The game uses OpenAL over SFML, this means if you can generally hear sound on your computer, then it should work with this game too.
  • NET: At least an 56k modem, ISDN would already be good enough to play. For updating the game we recomment at least 1MBit.
  • OS: Windows[2] (XP[3], Vista SP2, 7 SP1, 8.1, 10)


  • [1] Make sure you have correct drivers installed, especially if you are using laptop or onboard graphics from Intel. Here are some links: AMD/ATi, nVidia, Intel
  • [2] For all Windows versions you need the following "Visual C++ Redistributable" 32bit (x86) to be installed:    Hint: Make sure you really install the 32bit (x86) version of them, because the Client is still 32bit (x86). This also counts when you run a 64bit (x64) system!
  • [3] For Windows XP you may get issues, because it's no longer supported and updated by Microsoft. You can try the following:
    • Make sure you have the latest possible drivers and SDK's like "VC Redistributable" installed.
    • We now use libcurl, this means you have to replace a dll file. Download this package:
    • Inside that package copy all .dll files inside bin/ out to the game installation directory with overwriting libcurl.dll (where your HSRClient.exe) is.
    • If it still wont work and it just says "Program stopped working" without any error codes or technical details, it's hard to figure out the reason for this.
    • As long it shows error codes or technical details we can try to help you getting it running on Windows XP.

Downloads for Windows

Latest client installer

Official client installer, which should preferably be used.

  • Type: Microsoft Installer Package (msi), 32Bit/64Bit
  • Size: ...
  • Date: ...
  • Version: Updater v...
  • Download

Latest client updater

Can be used as a portable program, just run it in that folder where the HostileSpace client should be saved.

  • Type: Mark Zbikowski executable (exe), 32Bit/64Bit
  • Size: ...
  • Date: ...
  • Version: v...
  • Download

Latest client package

If you have problems with the installer/updater or other, then you may download the latest client in an archive here. This version is not recommended for inexperienced users without help!

  • Type: Phil Katz's Zip package format (zip), 32Bit/64Bit
  • Size: ...
  • Date: ...
  • Version: Build ...; Updater v...
  • Download