2 New Feature Idea: Datalog

by GIZangetsu

3 fabbing

by rslabs

4 Warp maneuver

by Tunk

6 leave from game

by sarax

8 Munitions fabbing

by silverone2000

9 Low level bosses

by Jamie

10 Higher Tier.

by zerzeck

13 HSR Hull Pack

by Whitefangz

14 Sending User?

by DestinyVoid

15 Power and hull and sheild bug

by silviadreamer

16 Salvaging issues.

by nevake

17 Class Shard Rendering

by Manic

20 bug or not

by zerzeck

21 Resolution Issues

by Manic

22 Death Effects

by Manic

24 Server down?

by Whitefangz

25 Smug mobs

by zerzeck

27 Server crash cause..

by Whitefangz

28 Experience bug?

by Crip

30 Lowbie skill increases

by yuit420